Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 19 January 2013

ann albers and lucy the dogMessages From The Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Today we would like to speak to you in the topic of sharing from your abundance, because indeed each of you has wealth from which to share. We are not talking about money here, but rather the abundance that you find within yourselves and in your lives.

Each of you has material things or spiritual gifts to share. Many of you, for example, have clothing in your closets that has not been used for some time. Would you consider giving it to those in need? Many of you have abilities that you can share quite freely from your abundant nature – the ability to listen, the ability to smile easily at strangers, the ability to give a warm hug, the ability to make someone laugh. Some of you enjoying sharing your art, your words, your photos, your crafts, or your cooking. Some of you share your prayers in silence and although the world never knows the wealth you’re giving, still it makes a difference.

Dear ones if you focus on sharing from your abundance, your excess, and the wealth of simple gifts you find within you, then you will see that the blessings in your life increase. There is no magic to this. It is simple cause and effect. If you put out a vibration that says, “I have something to share,” then you exist in a vibration of abundance, and the universe by its very nature will reflect that vibration back into your life. If instead you say, “I have nothing to share,” well the, dear ones, by the very same laws of vibration, the universe will reflect that feeling of lack.

We know that many of you, from time to time, feel too exhausted, too depleted, or too down-hearted to share even the simplest of gifts with the world. Nonetheless, if you can muster up the energy to do so, you will find you are also helping yourself as well. When you need a smile, can you give one and focus on the fact that this smile lives within you? When you need comfort, can you offer to comfort someone else, and in so doing, find that you have love within you already as well? When you feel destitute, can you leave a penny for someone else to find, and then revel in the good feeling that you may be the angel helping someone else who needs to know God’s love as much as you do?

For it is in giving you receive, and in receiving you give, dear ones. Both are needed in your world to maintain the flow of God’s love. If everyone gave from the abundance within and without, then there would be no lack whatsoever in your world. By all means do take care of your bills, keep the things that give you joy, and honor your own needs. But don’t forget there is always love inside of you and that is the true gold you are all seeking

God Bless you! We love you so very much.
— The Angels
Message from Ann

Hi Everyone!

I am, by nature, a giver. Frequently it gives me great joy to share with others. However, there have been plenty of times in my past where, instead of giving from an abundance of love, I realize I was giving from a desire to be loved. Although the difference is subtle, the effect it has on your life when you give from one vs. the other is powerfully different. When we give from an abundance of love, time, money, talents, etc… the joy is in the act of giving itself. It feels good to share. You do so without expectation of reciprocity, reward, or even acknowledgement. I have given from this space and then completely forgotten the gifts until years later when someone reminds me. When I give from an abundance within or without, the act is complete in and of itself as soon as the gift is given.

When we give for any other reason other than a feeling of simply wanting to share, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. I will never forget an older psychic approaching me years ago when I was dating a man who needed a lot of work. “So?!” she said to me rather pointedly, “is he a keeper?” She gave me a piercing look. “Uh, well, I hope so,” I said, knowing full well I could never live like this in a permanent relationship. I paid his bills, bought him equipment for his business, cooked, cleaned, etc… and it was not from a sense of joy, but rather with the hope that I could fix him and then he’d be good to me. “Mm mm,. The psychic said to me as she pursed her lips. “Poor little thing! Always giving in the hopes you gonna get some back!”

She walked away and I never saw her again but God Himself might as well have delivered that message. It stuck with me. I was “giving to get.” No wonder I was always tired and upset. I was not giving from an abundance within or without. I was emptying my heart and my coffers in an attempt to purchase love. Once I saw it, it took awhile to change old habits, but it changed my life.

Now when I give it is from joy! It makes me feel rich inside to smile and see someone smile back, to hold a door for someone with an armful of groceries, or to share a laugh. I was in line at the grocery store the other day when I noticed the woman behind me. She looked exhausted and in need of a laugh. I noticed a headline on one of the magazines on display and started laughing so loudly I had to share. Soon she was rolling with laughter and between the two of us we had people lightening up all around. Somehow, the idea of a magazine article entitled, ‘Sex so good your neighbors will need a new zip code’ struck us as hilarious. The laughter cost me nothing. It came from an abundance of childlike silliness within me, and a totally quirky sense of humor. I could have paid for that Woman’s groceries and it would not have meant as much to her on a day when she needed cheering. I am certain she went back to the office that afternoon and continued to share the humor. She was on quite a roll with the jokes before she left and looked like she had aged years in reverse.

Sometimes I still give material stuff. I went on a mission recently to help a friend a piece of equipment, and after a week of praying I located it on craigslist. The gentleman that sold it to me lived ten minutes from me, met me at Starbucks, gave me a great deal, and chatted over coffee with me for over an hour. He was around my dad’s age and a fascinating person. I won, my friend won, and the gentleman selling the item won. This is how God works. When I decided to give from a feeling of abundance, the entire process became a joy. It is after all, about the journey!

So when you think you have nothing to share think again. At times when I was so sick, friends had to go to the store for me, I still had gratitude to share. At times when I was really pinched for money, I took friends to dinner, so I could feel generous and get the flow going again in my life. I clean out my closets frequently and pass on the things that no longer give me joy. If you really think about it, there is always something to share.

A dear woman on this list wrote last week to say she wanted to give me a tithing. I was deeply touched to know the messages had made a difference in her life. These messages are one of the ways I share the love and wisdom I’ve been given. I got geeky a few days ago and figured out I have channeled over 580 of them over the years! I would never have believed the angels or myself had that much to say! Talk about abundance!

I was blessed with abundance to share in another area of my life a few weeks ago. My lemon tree went crazy this year. I picked several hundred lemons and sent boxes of them to my mother back east who is an avid lemon lover. I made lemon curd, froze lemon juice, and drank lemonade. I dried some and made lemon herbed salt. Talk about abundance to share! Money doesn’t get me nearly as excited as picking and processing those fragrant fruit!

So this week, try out the notion that there is abundance inside of you, and even in the material world around you as well, if only in the smallest of ways, and share a little just for the simple joy of knowing you do indeed have something to share with life. Each of us is important, special, and unique – a piece if the puzzle in God’s grand design. When we give, we receive. When we receive we give. It feels really good to live in the flow of God’s loving reality!

Have a great week!
Ann / link to original article


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