James Gilliland – Solutions And Critial Thinking – 19 January 2013

jamesgillilandThe old grids are falling away, many are in between worlds, some are struggling to hold on to the old ways. Let them go, they do not serve anyone not even the tyrants. The end game is for Earth to awaken and heal; which includes all life upon her and move to the next level. The prophesies of the beast which consumes, controls and dominates everyone and everything is being seen for what it is and those who serve the beast can no longer hide.

The head of the beast is the international bankster families and their world is unsustainable, borrowed and leveraged to the point of extinction. Just like any predator or parasite that gluttons itself to the point of starving and killing the host thus is the path of the tyrants. Universal Law cannot be usurped and the reactions to their actions will come swiftly. Taking the jobs, houses, and incomes away leaving an insurmountable debt is pure unbridled greed and ignorance when it comes to sustainability. Stealing trillions and leaving everyone else holding the bag thinking there will be no repercussions is the height of arrogance. All these retched souls will have in their passing is the karma and weight of their actions, they will not be allowed to reincarnate for the Earth will have risen beyond their frequency.

I was asked about gun control and they said the problem is gun control never works. If there was a society that lived a loving, joyous life of peace and freedom where the people prospered and trusted their leaders, a world without predators and tyrants there would be no need for guns other than with collectors of history and those who like to hear loud noises. Poverty, psychotropic drugs in place of healing therapies, the gross uneven dispersal of wealth and a tyrannical system based on competition and separation is the problem. Taking guns away will not cure the ills of society. It will also fall into a grander plan of tyranny to dumb down, eliminate the majority of and completely control a defenseless society.

When you know the objectives of the tyrants, you know who is behind the wars, disease, and poverty and yes the killing of children. How can one vote for wars, use drones to kill innocent children and families, walk with heavily armed guards packing automatic weapons protecting their families in many cases and tell others only they have this privilege? It is a hypocritical elitist position. Those giving the solution to take the guns all away in most cases are the ones creating the problems and cannot be trusted to solve anything. If they want everyone to give up their guns lets see them be the first. A politician, who has stolen, embezzled, tortured, killed and profited greatly as the war and disease profiteers puppets are the ones screaming the loudest for gun control. Why would that be? Are they afraid of their karma? Are they afraid of the reaction to their actions—what would happen if the masses found them out? Have you studied history and what happened to people when their guns were confiscated? Can you say genocide did not soon follow? Why did the vast majority of these mass shootings happen in gun free zones and where they had the strictest gun control laws? It is like posting a sign no resistance here do as you wish. Passing a law has never been the solution; why not look at the real problem; which begins in consciousness. The failure of society not educated to honor and respect life. The failure of healing modalities and the use of psychotropic drugs to mask the problems rather than heal them. The gross uneven dispersal of wealth, “poverty.” The complete lack of trust of our governments, religious and most institutions in general. This is the solution not a bunch of elitist hypocrites passing laws and forcing others to do what they themselves will not. Let’s not be distracted from the real problem; which is what many of these events are for. To allow your emotions to guide you without critical thinking is the road to enslavement. If you used critical thinking apply it to these events with the wisdom of knowing the agenda of the tyrants then you will find the truth. If not you will be led like a sheep to slaughter blaming the other sheep for your predicament.

james gilliland
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