Méline Lafont – Lady Portia – The New World Has Taken Its First Babysteps Into Humankinds Hearts – 19 January 2013

babystapPrecious hearts of mine, I am rejoicing about this new World that has taken its first babysteps into Humankinds’ hearts.  You now all start to exist and co-create with one another and it is the most beautiful thing to observe.  You all have gained a true expansion of Light and Love deep inside of your precious hearts of Self and of Love.  You have all chosen to be into this new Reality of the 5th Dimension going to the 6th slowly and gradually.

Do not worry about a thing, my precious hearts, for you ARE ascending and you are finding yourself more and more into this new being of your life.  You are becoming you again and you have done an amazing job with this.  Continue and persuade with this major leap in your consciousness, it will bring forth magnificent things and energies, which in itself will bring you up into the Higher Dimensions of your True being of Light.  A lot is coming to pass in the hearts of your being and a lot is still changing, adapting and bringing the hope to the hearts in need of it.

You are your own saviors, you are the Christs and the Masters of this Earth.  Like Christ, you came here to bring your Light and knowledge to others and like Christ you will Ascend yourself again until you are You again; this beauty and Source of Light and Love.  The knowledge that your hearts are bringing forth to each other is an understanding of your being, an acceptance and a far more evolved being.  This is your choice, this is your mission; all of you precious hearts!

I must share my deepest gratitude for all of this, and I do wish to spread my everlasting encouragement towards you all so that the touch of my heart to yours will keep your hearts running for infinity.  I Love to bring you all my support in being, and I truly Love to see you cherishing this precious gift to yourselves.  It is an astonishing fact, this worldwide transformation and it has already started out in the hearts of Humanity.  Spring will bring birth to all of you, the seeds will bring gifts such as beauty, Love, warmth, kindness, Harmony and of course balance, transparency, Light and communication that will join forces with all the creations that you have all been creating thus far.

As the flourishing begins and the birthing is being introduced into the Human hearts, acceptation is being fed and the arising of the awareness is a fact.  Enjoy this stage of your Ascension process as this is the very first step of it.  Every single step of this process is a journey on its own and every single one is a special one to behold!  See this as a gift not a burden.  This is the most beautiful and magnificent gift one can have and it is why you all signed up for.  See this matter of Ascension as a giant and blissful state where you can be in and experience exactly the things that the heart is choosing.  You will never settle for less than this, in fact there will only be just that.

I express now my own Light to you all, which is a state of Love and a fact of balance.  I bring you my kindness and strenght in this time of Ascension, to make you hold on during this phase of the process, and to ensure you that, yes, you all are coming and entering into  this new world as we speak.  Give your bodies and temples the “time” needed to adapt and fully integrate this as this is your lowest expression at the time merging with your True Self.  It is a beautiful and “never done before” process and this, my precious hearts, is the gift on its own to be able and express yourself at this stage of being.

Now, let’s join all of our hands and hearts and make some closure on things which are not holding ourselves into our own higher State of being.  Let go of these things and parts of your being and only serve the Light and speak Light.  There is nothing more of Light than your precious hearts and your True being of Light.  You are a Source and you are this true being of Light, always keep that in mind!

I so yearn for all of you to see this beauty of your Self and this all together in harmony and in this new born magical place of Light. Feed this New born beauty from the depths of the heart, with the perfect nourishment for it, which is LOVE.  Start seeing this beauty in the heart, for it is present already and just let it all flow out of you, atuning into your reality.

For now, I say goodbye and I will meet you in the heart.

I AM that I AM

Lady Portia

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  1. Sherry Deverill

    So beautiful, such an truly inspiring message.