TheOne-DreamDreamer – Darkness? Yes, please! – 19 January 2013

onedreamdreamerblogDarkness… absence of light?

What is darkness? It’s everywhere… talking about the “dark ones”, those that “control the world”, the “bad ones”. Uhu… ok. People say they get attacked by the dark ones, psychic attacks as they hold so much light the become the target of the dark.

Mmmm… first of all, try to hold the dark in the sun and see if you’re successful. Second, who, knowing one is Pure Light, would ever jump into it knowing it will but dissolve in it? Second, if there’s room for such an attack, then I would question the quality of the light I supposes to shine. Again, try to hold darkness in front of the sun!

We are all shining suns, even the darkest of dark. What is really dark is only the belief in the illusion of separation which veils that light, at times the veil is so thick it appears to be pitch black, and then one behaves following that belief. But it’s an illusion… as everything that is not Source.

Einstein said once “expecting different outcomes by doing the same thing is crazy“… how true is that?

Instead of fighting back the “dark ones”, why not bless their Soul and bless any “attack”  as the biggest opportunity to shine your -God’s- Light onto this dark veil and help dissolve it? What is a Light-worker if not One that works with The Light and Shines The Light onto all? You’re the transformer of the illusion into truth.

Any Light-worker should scream out loud: COME TO ME!!! to all the illusionary dark out there and bless the truth with it’s Love, thus bringing illusion into Truth once again, dissolving all into the Light of it’s Holy Heart. Can you imagine how fast it all dissolves this way round?

If you feel you are not up to the task, if you’re still afraid (aka into false evidence appearing real) bless the opportunity to see it and find the root for this belief, it simply cannot be true. Are you confused? Un-secure about who-what you truly are? For once you Know you also are, and once you are… there’s no darkness that can ever confuse your light, there’s no illusion that can ever mask the Truth.

Instead of hate, let’s Love… in the end, all is part of us. Let’s not hate us. It’s just a ride. Choose to enjoy it =) / link to original article

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