AmericanKabuki – Between Heaven and Earth – 20 January 2013

betweenheavenearthWe stand this present moment, between heaven and earth, Gaia and Sol.

Surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses on land, sea and space,

who both fear our duality and praise our promise of Oneness and rebirth.

We give great honor to those who have journeyed far from their star, to visit ours.

We thank you for the messages you’ve sent, channeled through being, media, music and art.

We’ve tried to listen, even while our perception was attenuated by the interlopers.

Signal received.

Time lines are converged.


You’ve sent your own sons and daughters to be born as one of us,

to aid us in our long climb from the depths.

We thank them and you.

It was a good plan.

Yet it is US, who have been prisoner of the darkest powers,

Some not our own own who fled in retreat here to be with their kind because they fear light

And found our enslavement an ample source of sustenance.

It has been US who have been reborn life after life under the most brutal and cruel circumstances.

We know you want to wait for the perfect moment when our own kind pose no harm to you.

Yet we, who have not yet your abilities must stand here and face the same.

If we can face these beings, in this thick pea soup energetic, why can’t you?

If not now? When?

Are you more fearful of death than we?

Can any appearance by you,
be worse that the children slaughtered each day by the dark ones?

What about us?

Creator Source gave great mercy and grace to the corner stones overlooked,

not just the sage from Galilee, but all 7 billion of us.

Source chose to create a new seed of human, a new line of being,

the merging of Angel and Man, for the Service of One,

In physicality.

We knew light, and we have seen great darkness.

We know all exists in Creator Souce.

Never in our darkest moments did the Source of All abandon us, will you?

Even when we were not deemed suitable for contact, nor even safe to encounter.

Quarantined like a plague infested town.

Consider it was not safe for even us, but here we remain,

struggling with great ardor towards the light

like a young field of sunflowers tracking the Sun so bright.

Source has smiled upon our venture.

Ascended ones,

You call yourself Masters, but have your forgotten your humanity?

There is only one living gold, Love.

And the only way one gets wealthy with this kind of gold,

it is to give as much as possible away,

For it comes from an inexhaustible mine.

There is in each of us a diamond,

made from the carbon of our hearts.

Forged in the heat and pressure of life on Gaia.

It has been a rough cut diamond,

We know that.

It comes in many colors.

But soon it will sparkle in the Light.

Do you fear Oneness more than us?

Will you not come to our aid

In our moment of need?

Will you choose

Protocol over LOVE?



We love you.

We are sorry.

Forgive us.



We choose you.

Return us our heritage,

Our inheritance,


There is only NOW.

We love you all.

-AMERICAN KABUKI / link to orirginal article

One response to “AmericanKabuki – Between Heaven and Earth – 20 January 2013

  1. Sherry Deverill

    I love you all. Thank you.