Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – In The Midst Of Love – 20 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

Beloveds, once you lived in the shallows. Now you sail on the ocean. Growing is your name. Moving forward is your name. You are growing and moving into the entirety of love.

Imagine your life when you love and nothing but love. Imagine the joy. No curtailing your love. No cutting it off. No downplaying it. No restrictions. Just living love day by day all the time. Nothing but love far and wide and deep. Imagine love. Imagine your life surrounded with love. Imagine your life a center of love radiating everywhere. Everywhere. No place where love is not. Love is all, and love is all that is, and you, My beloveds, are in the midst of it.

Love to the rescue. Love the healer. Love the core of your life. Love the core of life altogether. No exceptions. Love on the range. Love free to pasture. Love the occasion. No more love in the deep freeze. Love melting hearts right and left. All hearts enjoying. What else is there to enjoy but love, love growing like trees, an oasis of love on Earth, the Garden of Eden reborn when innocence roamed the range.

What is love but innocence? What else can love be? Love contrived is not love. Love as a commodity is not love. Love of money is not love. Love is love. Love loves. Be love. Be love no matter what. How powerful is love. Nothing equals it. For Heaven’s sakes, just love.

There is nothing better you can be than love. There is nothing better than love. On mountain or in valley, love reigns supreme. Let love be your calling, your career, your purpose, your joy, your honesty, your preference. There is nothing, not one thing, that can take the place of love. Let love dance before your eyes. Let your eyes tell the story of love. There is no other story. Be a good story-teller and revealer of love, the essence of love, the beauty of love, love, the overtaker, love, the grand master, love, the chorus, love natural, love always new, unguarded, perpetual.

Let love be your life, for there is naught else but love. Near and far, let yourself be love. Let love shine. Let love be the subject of your life. Be love. Be the ultimate love.

Let love flow through your veins. Who would have illness when love fills you? There would be no room for illness. Cutting off love attracts illness. With love, there is no place for illness. There would not be names for illnesses, for where love is, illness cannot flourish. Love is clean and clear. Illness is murky. Love and let illness fly out the window.

I am not speaking of words. I am speaking of Truth. The truth is that you are love. The truth is that you may have flown away from love, fearing that love might hurt, fearing that you are not adequate to it, fearing that you are not love, not really.

But, yes, you really are. Don’t buy the propaganda that you must recant love or be at risk. When you love from the center of your heart, when your heart is like the sun emitting its golden rays, where can fear and hurt and danger lie? Danger lies in not loving. Running away from love is running away from life. Running away from love is running away from the saving grace of life and teaching others to go off track the same. Claim love as your own. Do not save love for a rainy day. Give love now, right and left. How about it? Never be without it. Is this not a good idea? / link to original article

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