John Smallman – Saul – Reality Cannot Occur Or Appear In The Illusion – 20 January 2013

john-blog-pics-0135When humanity awakens, as it most certainly will, a state of great joy will envelop you.  You have been working towards this moment for many life times, and you are now very close.  Some of you, in fact quite a large number of you, were very disheartened when seemingly nothing of note occurred in the world on or around December 21st 2012.  This is understandable because so many were attached to an outcome that could be physically observed and measured in the illusory environment that has been your home for eons.

To awaken is to move from the illusion into Reality.  Reality cannot occur or appear in the illusion — it would be like trying to see electricity — it just is not possible. Its effects can be felt or sensed calling you to awaken, and when you do, all will be arrestingly beautiful, stunningly clear, so real that no doubts of any kind will remain that could draw you back into that unreal miasma that seems to have held you bound to it for so long.

Despite your disappointment at not seeing physical evidence of your move into the New Age, that move has occurred.  Many of you are most definitely experiencing an unaccustomed sense of peace and contentment, which some of you find puzzling as nothing appears to have changed physically that could account for it.  Rest assured, an enormous energetic shift has taken place and it is having startling effects worldwide.  The overwhelming desire to live peacefully and lovingly, regardless of the circumstances in which people find themselves, and the energy intent to do so that fills the hearts of humanity has been amplified to such an extent that very few still remain unaffected by it.

It is essential that you keep holding your Light on high.  Even though you may be unable to get any felt sense of it, it does flow out from you with great intensity and affects everyone with whom you interact, and that is how humanity is being brought to the moment of awakening.  Do not underestimate or downplay the effectiveness of your firmly and constantly held intent for all to awaken, because your intent is massively strengthened and intensified by those in the spiritual realms whose sole task is to assist in bringing this momentous event to fruition.  Do not doubt that it will happen because that undermines your intent, thus lengthening the time-line for your awakening.

Doubt is like an intent for something not to happen.  You all know people who are very positive and who always seem to achieve what they intend, and you also know people who are negative or pessimistic who never seem able to have life flow in any way smoothly for them.  That is the power of intent being actively demonstrated.

Frequently, those who are negative or pessimistic in their outlook cannot see that this is the case and are therefore unable to understand why things never seem to turn out in their favor.  It is like a refusal to allow God, the Universe, the Source to provide for their needs.  They believe that they are the unlucky victims of circumstances, and to try and tell them otherwise often only serves to anger or frighten them.  They do not believe in the immense power that your Father installed in each one of you at the moment of your creation.  And of course everyone having a human experience has chosen to learn lessons suited to their needs, so that some of their pain and suffering will be the result of not understanding, or refusing to understand, the lessons with which they are presented.

You cannot and should not try to interpret another’s lessons for them; only they can do that.  You can listen compassionately, and if you feel guided (a very slight but hardly felt intuitive sense) to make a brief comment, then do so.  Do not enlarge on it because that will probably be your ego rushing to the rescue!  You have planted the seed; it is up to the other to nurture it.  Your brief comment is you holding the Light for them, even though you get no sense of it whatever.

Many are seeing poverty, privation, disease, and war, all over the planet, and they are also seeing corporate corruption and incompetence in government, large organizations, and religious institutions failing to help those in need, and to the contrary, actually benefiting from the situation.  That creates a pall of negative intent and energy, and your task as Light-bearers and wayshowers is to dissolve that negative and disruptive energy by your loving and positive intent.  You are fully supported by God and by those in the spiritual realms, whereas those projecting negative intent and energies have far less support than you might imagine, despite the enormous amount of noise that they are making.

Hold the Light firmly at all times and know that the support you have and offer is invincible.  You are on Earth to do just this.  It is your calling, your vocation, and the infinite power of God’s Love for all of His children, constantly supporting them, guarantees that no one will be left behind, abandoned to their imaginary sense of powerlessness.  The realization that they are not weak, helpless, and powerless is definitely breaking through into the conscious awareness of those who feel lost or abandoned, and you Light-holders and wayshowers are greatly assisting that by your intent that it be so.  Be positive, be loving, be the divine being that your Father created, and know that you are doing His Will in every moment, and that success is inevitable.

With so very much love, Saul. / link to original article

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