John Ward – Elm House Paedophiles : Three Face Arrest, Public Figures Implicated – Westland Helicopter Scandal Dragged Into Fernbrigde Investigation – 20 January 2013

John WardFollowing the Slogpost of a few days ago predicting imminent arrests in relation to the Elm Guest House paedophile scandal, I understand that three people will initially face charges. I also have two corroborations of a rumour that the newly-named full-scale criminal operation ‘Fernbridge’ has powerful evidence against former Conservative ministers, a royal household member, and three other politicians – one BNP, one Irish, and one Labour.

A pop-star described as “a mega-famous songwriter” was also a visitor to the house, but for adult gay sex not child abuse. He does not face charges. One source also adds, “On the guest list I noticed the names of Leon Brittan and Hamilton Blackburn of Westland Helicopters”. This could have far-reaching political ramifications, given that Brittan was closely involved in the Westland deal during 1986. The Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Trade and Industry Secretary Brittan wanted to see Westland merge with Sikorsky, an American company. It resulted in Heseltine’s resignation, for he favoured a European solution merging Westland with BaE.

“It looks like there will be three arrests very soon,” another source told The Slog, “but these will not involve famous guests. However, the Fernbridge team are certain that figures in public life will be nailed.”

The site Exaro that has been very much ahead of the game on this story yesterday tracked down Elm House manager Haroon “Harry” Kasir, who ran the ‘guest house’ with his wife Carole from 1979-83.

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