Lucas – Universe Of Doors – A Refreshing Breeze Of Air – 20 January 2013

doorsThere is a lot to learn in this new dimensional living as it is like a universe of countless doors that open each time new opportunities for us depending on what you sent out as your creational manifestation  into the field.

Is it your wish to meet someone, a  new relationships be specific than and let that thought you formed from your heart be spoken with your mouth and envisioned with your mind’s eye. Whatever manifestation from the heart comes about it will find as above mentioned the way into creation.  Let the rest be done by the flow, the energy all takes form and place in.  See the flow just like a breeze of refreshing air finding its way into your room. All that finds its way into creation of things and flows in this refreshing unconditional love and field of oneness.  It will come about.

Be the one, the creator you are. If  you know that things are all one and all is part of you it is easy to see that all things have a connection to each other. All things you sent out in a negative form or negative thought or negative idea, are having difficulties to manifest. There is no basis to sustain it in this new paradigm anymore. It will not last if it might manifest. Also if you have personal blockages that prohibit you to go further on your path and expand in the field you need to address them quickly.

A lot of those blockages are due to your own issues of holding on to or not letting go of that what is not yours anymore. It also is often the case that projections are the cause.  Projections seem at first not to be your issues, but are judgements or prejudice  about others in some way.  Yes thinking of people in a way of they do things not as they should, they never learn, they are idiots, etc , are all judgements that have in first place nothing to do with you but with your projection about how they are doing things not the same as you do or have done them. If you leave people to have their own experiences if they have not listened to your wanted advice or your insights then let them be. You move on.

There is no need for judgement or right or wrong. There is no leader of your life other than yourself.  There is no guru, commander, priest, or whatever who can tell you what to think or do. It is you that has only power over you, so do not give it away.  Be that power of the heart within and see that you have all that is needed in you. This does not mean you do not need to do anything anymore. Now the time has come to be creating your new 5D paradigm realities. It is you that now needs to make clean ship and get clarity in your life and not that of others.  If you do, you see what is happening and where your heart says your joy is to be found.

If you find your new way in this universe of doors, you will feel from your heart connected to the source and know what is yours. You feel that what resonates with you and what is your way to create that. If things are clear for you then be sure to sent a clear manifestation into being. It will find its way faster than you think or finds its way faster than you have been used to in the past. Do not doubt your creation go not thinking about it anymore. It is in the flow of things to happen. Be prepared to receive and stay in your balance of your heart space in the now and know all is already perfect. Enjoy the bliss and joy in being connected to the flow, source and your heart.  Know you are One.

Be sure things are for almost all of us still in this 5D reality not a case of  instant creation by just thinking about things. We still need tools and utilities that are used from 4D and for some 3D to make things happen. Use those tools from a new paradigm perspective not from the old way of doing things. It needs your creativity, but you are all creators so remember you are creative in whatever you do, or whatever  talent or  skill you have.  You will realize what enormous potential you have in you. Be that power within you and you will see the doors and know which to enter to make new creations happening.

Love and Light,


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