Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – Universal Stirring Suggest Replacing Ideals – 21 January 2013

AngelaPeregoff“We are here to change. We are here to grow, develop and unfold. We are progressive beings that have infinite capacity.” – Dr. Michael Beckwith

I want to remind you of the unique opportunity we have during this pivotal time of reconfiguration to hold “renewed focus”.  Each of us is being shaped by the redesign in grand ceremonial ways as we begin to live the life that better fits who we really are, beyond any negative impact of our personal and global history.

It is best now to pay attention to what is attempting to play out beneath the buzz of the global stage. Do not turn from the universality that has inspired the group energy of positive change that is established. This is especially helpful to grasp during a time when individuals can feel alone and in chaos as our known world becomes shakier by the day. As conscious souls playing in earth you and I are integral aspects in humanity’s transformation, even while we ourselves are being impacted by all the changes afoot. And in many cases the long term benefit or our group efforts won’t be quantifiable for quite a while.

One of the most challenging aspects of being alive during this window into a new era is that we are being asked to drop all the old unworkable structures and come up with brand new ones, without having a roadmap or guarantees.  We are being asked – actually more like nudged by our own inner spiritual guidance – to rethink who we are and to trust more deeply in Spirit than we ever thought possible.

So what does that mean in practical terms? Unlike some other New Year starts of the recent past, this one offers possibilities for substantive changes.  These changes involve more than surface band-aids.  They go to the core of what it means to be a human being alive today, interacting with other humans and with nature on a relatively small planet. These changes are becoming possible because of a shift in consciousness.  This is the Awakening that each of us has incarnated to witness, experience, and help create. The Piscean energy that has existed for quite a while on this planet has evolved into a collective energy with serious questioning of the status quo and a waking up to many untruths and manipulations.

It’s apparent that because of this greater extremes in behavior are being displayed throughout the world. Super-accelerated energy of dynamic cosmic proportions are excessively speeding up and magnifying everything. We have the opportunity to set an example for positive change and to move into a new type of leadership even while things appear to break apart.

Throughout 2013 all manner of extreme expressions of energy will intensify as the ascension energy thrusts to the surface all that is suppressed, forgotten, denied and hidden away. This is a Soul-embodiment year so with the intensification in energy growing in order of magnitude, everyone will feel compelled to move this energy in some manner. With conscious awareness you can direct the energy toward highly inventive endeavors that enhance your life, yet if awareness of the power of thoughts, beliefs and emotions are lacking, then experiences will range from relentless challenges to very destructive outcomes. Those living near Tucson witnessed such mayhem when Arizona Congressional Representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot, along with others, in broad daylight.

There are always many layers of meaning and significance to events. The escalations of extremes will remain stimulated by cosmic energies that are rousing the inner desires within people to participate in a grand bursting forth of consciousness. Stay steady in your intents, in your prayers and by holding a general supportive vision. Include in your vision and prayers a successful launching of new approaches that will help America and our world with needed reconfiguration.  To be supportive of good has nothing to do with partisan politics.  To live in a truly enlightened society, humans will need to move beyond the pettiness of partisan maneuvering.

In your individual life strive to create and maintain a sense of balance. As energies catapult people to break out of the trance and mass agreement of linear time in order to recognize the interconnectedness of time and events you may have to develop more tolerance and patience – two qualities that will be instrumental in successful navigation of the shift.  The more patient you can learn to be with yourself and with others, the less likely you are to demand too much, too soon.

Also, you need to remember your role as Divine energy on the leading edge. To be really empowered in these times will require more conscious awareness, more responsible personal action, and being more vocal about changes you feel are needed.  It won’t be enough to simply demand that your government fix things.  You don’t want to give your power away like that in this next phase.  Instead, you want to take back your power, remembering that you are Divine.  You have a voice, and you can use that voice and your intuitively guided reason to affect change on a global basis.

How do you use your “voice”? First, become more mindful of your inner self-talk and what you say out loud when expressing your hopes, dreams, wishes and fears.  Become conscious and monitor your fear-based language, and if you find yourself caught up in worry or fear, shift your thoughts to something constructive.  Be mindful of the harmful consequences of complaining about tough times, and of gossiping about the misfortunes of others.  Remember that your point of power is in your control over how you respond to life.

Second, express yourself and your “Light” by your actions in the world.  Sometimes, this may mean letting political and corporate leaders know your opinions.  At other times, use your “voice” as a consumer, purchasing products made with integrity and with harm to none.  And oftentimes simply express kindness, offering a smile or encouraging word simply because you can.

Third, strengthen your “voice” through your ongoing personal transformation process, which facilitates a deeper connection with Spirit.  As part of this, reach out and connect with others on the path of spiritual awakening, recognizing the importance of community.

These are just a few of the ways we can move forward with more success and joy in this next phase of divine expression. / via


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