Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Unalloyed Love – 21 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

No longer will you allow something or anything to upset you. Heretofore, you have found occurrences in life upsetting. Your connection to the internet is down. You are frazzled. Traffic on the freeway is slow. You are impatient.

Beloveds, traffic will get going. The internet will be connected. Is upset so valuable to you that you insist on having it?

Put upset away. It is not a heyday to be upset. It is not something wonderful to be upset. It is no great accomplishment. Anyone can do it. And you have done it. You have done it many times. Haven’t you had enough of upset yet?

You may ask Me to be realistic and down to earth. I am asking the same of you. In the relative world, everything comes to an end. There is a rainbow around the corner. Have confidence in the unfolding of life and your ability to wait for the light to turn green.

Heretofore, you have had confidence in being stalemated.

When did something not end? Depending upon the situation, you are upset about that too. You never want the party to be over. You never want traffic to be thick. You never want the internet to be down.

Life is made of interims. There are breaths taken, and breaths exhaled. Take every pause in life as a good thing. Stalled in traffic? Unwind rather than wind. What do you gain by banging the horn? Is banging the horn expressing yourself, or is it adding fuel to the fire?

Turn on the radio or the CD player or pull out your Kindle. Hum a different tune. Traffic will resume, with or without your impatience.

When your internet goes off, consider this an occasion for a change of pace. Is the internet your life line? Is it really? Go outside and pick a flower. Lie on the grass and look up at the sky. Look for Me. Find Me within yourself, and you won’t mind what is connected or what is not connected because you will be consciously connected to Me. We can have a field day together. We can approach the sun, or we can approach the stars. We can knowingly be together. Here’s Our chance. Avail yourself of all the chances that We can be together, you and I. When is a better time than when in the midst of traffic or when the internet of the extant world is disconnected?

Connect to Me. Give Me a spot of your time. Give Me what I crave for. Give Me you. Come right up to Me, and We will spin the wheel of life together. Yes, We can. Yes, We will.

Do you hide yourself behind upset? Is upset a mask you wear? Love instead. Love the break from routine. Love the routine, that’s fine, and also love the break from it. What is not to love? Seriously, what is not to love?

What can possibly be more important than love? Certainly not impatience. Certainly not havoc. Certainly not interruption of love. Turn on your love all the time, even as time does not exist. You exist as I exist. There is no time, and We have all of Infinity and Eternity to love in. Infinite are the ways of love. Upset is not one of them. Upset interrupts the expression of love.

Is there anything worth interrupting love for?

You say that death interrupts your love. All the love you have, you say, turns into sorrow. Sorrow is not love. Sorrow is suffering, even as sorrow may be sweet to you. Unalloyed love is better. Choose love every time. Get out of upset. Be the steady waters. Stay in love. / link to original article


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