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Visionkeeper – Doing Versus Thinking And Waiting – 21 January 2013

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Okay, so we are in the new world now, what are we doing to reflect that? Are we doing anything differently or just thinking about the new world and waiting for it to arrive at our door steps? We ARE in a new world so let’s start reflecting that. If I had any artistic ability at all I would go to my town meetings and request the permission to begin adding beautiful and uplifting artwork to my local area. How encouraging and upbeat it would be to walk up such beautiful steps everyday to wherever I was going. Continue reading


3 Minutes News – 21 January 2013

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Laura Bruno – The Science Of Persuasion – 21 January 2013

laura brunoThe following video offers six tips for getting what you want. You could think of it as a list of scientific marketing strategies, but that’s not why I’m posting the video. In the realm of manipulation, let’s just say, “Knowledge is power.” I’ve posted before regarding symbols and the subconscious, but this video talks more about ways that human behavior can reliably be influenced during this age of information overload. Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – So, Who Is Really President Of The US? – 21 January 2013

Uploaded on 21 January 2013 by paradoxman316 Obama was sworn in yesterday in a private ceremony. The public ceremony takes place today; but is he really the president? Certainly he is NOT president of the Republic, the nation created by our forefathers as a public trust guaranteed by the Constitution and the honored Bill of Rights. In fact, under that Constitution, he is not even qualified to be president. For that matter, under the early 13th Amendment, most of those holding public office in the Federal government are not qualified to hold public office for one very important reason: they are BAR certified attorneys. Attorneys hold a sworn allegiance to a foreign power: the BAR, or British Accredited Registry. Their allegiance is to the Crown (City of London), which is an international banking cabal aligned with the Vatican Bank; and the District of Columbia is the third city state that operates the international conspiracy they call “The New World Order.” It’s all a scam to either awaken or enslave the people of the world, depending on your perspective.

WakeUpWorld – Raluca Schachter – Synthetic Endocrine Disrupting XENOESTROGENS: What Are They, How Do They Affect Us and How To Avoid Them – 21 January 2013

Xenoestrogens-articleI haven’t met an adult yet who doesn’t experience some sort of hormonal imbalances. The fact that most conventionally trained doctors fail miserably in this area and are not able to detect and correctly address such imbalances, makes it even more widespread. Continue reading

Judith Orloff MD – The Ecstasy Of Surrender – 21 January 2013

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AscensionPioneers – Mechanism Of Ascension, Light Body & Merkabah – 21 January 2013

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Science Says Birds May “Hear” Magnetic Fields – 21 January 2013

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Infinite Waters – Why Am I Single? – 21 January 2013

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Bill Ballard – Why Do We Hold The Highest Light And Frequency We Can – 21 January 2013

Uploaded on 20 January 2013 by pearls2u What a Cosmic Joke… Watch closely. This was my video for today. Something malfunctioned and I did not post earlier because of that vid imperfection. Now… I feel as I look back, I should go ahead and post because of what was spoken about… Dont look at the sync but listen like a radio show. Oh well… It happens. LOVE!