Visionkeeper – Doing Versus Thinking And Waiting – 21 January 2013

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Okay, so we are in the new world now, what are we doing to reflect that? Are we doing anything differently or just thinking about the new world and waiting for it to arrive at our door steps? We ARE in a new world so let’s start reflecting that. If I had any artistic ability at all I would go to my town meetings and request the permission to begin adding beautiful and uplifting artwork to my local area. How encouraging and upbeat it would be to walk up such beautiful steps everyday to wherever I was going.

We must stop accepting anything less! These are the small changes that get the ball rolling. One town begins to add artwork to their surroundings and soon the out lying towns begin to consider doing it as well. People begin talking about it and in doing so begin to see life from a different perspective. Instead of concrete gray they are now being pulled in by vibrant colors and beauty. It forces people to stop, if only for a moment, and observe something different, how it relates to them, how it makes them feel. Once you get people talking about something you have their attention and hopefully in a positive and mind altering way. This art form gives people the chance to view their world around them through new eyes and gets them asking “what else can we do to beautify our town?”

It is up to each of us to find ways to actively bring change to our lives and those around us. There is far too much sitting and waiting going on. People keep straining their brains for ways to bring down the dark ones when in actuality it takes very little effort. It takes seeing life differently and ultimately thinking differently and that can be done a few small steps at a time, it just takes getting up off our duffs and doing something to create change that welcomes others to do the same. Stop looking at just the painted steps and see the bigger picture! One small action can ripple out and begin to alter peoples perspectives on life and this is what we all need. To see things differently now, things that represent 5D and leave 3D behind us in the dust.

I have written before about color and its affects on people. We are surrounded by concrete and dull grays and browns none of which is uplifting or inspiring. This was not an accident by the way. The people’s inspiration had to be tempered somehow to keep them reined in. So why do we continue to accept this way of life? The masses have been put to sleep and taught how to live on autopilot, it is time to try to reawaken them through their surroundings. If their fear keeps them locked up and unable to hear our words then we must reach out to them and show them there are other ways to live our lives that are more beautiful and inspiring. Once they begin seeing the change and how pleasing it is, they will ask for more.

I don’t know if big picture thinking is just a gift some are graced with or if it is something that can be learned. We can at least try to learn. We are locked into such narrow mindsets we overlook so much valuable information we need to evolve. I have always been a big picture thinker and it definitely makes understanding life easier. Connecting the dots becomes easier as well. All it really takes it looking at a situation and then we begin to branch out and see it from new perspectives, like the painted steps and how they can affect life far more than just being painted steps. Think bigger, in terms of wider spaces and who else is affected other than yourself. It is time to expand our minds far out to new frontiers.

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