13:20 Frequency Shift – Red Queen – Becoming The Rainbow : Palenque – The Interdimensional Jumping Off Place – 22 January 2013

rainbowbridge-blog1Resonant Moon 7: Red Crystal Skywalker, Kin 233

Your path of cosmic memory reconstruction leads directly to AD 2013. But to draw the correct energy to get you there you must hear the other side of the tape, and catch a flavor of the ride back to 13:20.  —Jose Arguelles/The Arcturus Probe, p. 170

The closing of the cycle was a multidimensional event perceived in many different ways according to a sliding range of perceptions and consciousness within the ONE galactic brain.

As a prophesied point of  planetary initiation, the closing of the cycle signified the climax of the male-dominated historical cycle resulting in a final confrontation and equalization between polar forces, dark/light, male/female, etc. Despite surface appearances the Unification of Consciousness is rapidly spreading. This is part of a vast galactic program.

All stories, mythic dramas, lost worlds and archetypes are now converging as eons of karma are being cleared at an accelerated rate. This 26-year process (1987-2013) began at Harmonic Convergence when the resonant awakening of our planet was accelerated. This awakening was exponentially amplified on Kin 207/4 Ahau 12-21 when we exited a particular galactic information beam.

This 26-year cycle concludes on Galactic Synchronization, 26 July 2013 when the crystalline circuitry is reconnected and the new galactic beam enters. When all the circuits are connected the whole planet “turns on”, activating the Light Body of the Earth which becomes the self-realized noosphere.

On Resonant Moon 1 (January 10) we entered the Seven Mystic Moons – a time of great integration of the new light and plasma saturating our planet.  While some say 12-21 marks the “end of the Mayan calendar”, this is only the beginning of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar (synchronometer), with its chief purpose of establishing a telepathically unified state of consciousness based on love, art and synchronicity resulting in a higher-dimensional paradigm.

What is occurring on the planet now is a final battle of frequencies or time wars — the final battle between light and dark. We are being called to face our shadow head on, shed our third-dimensional conditionings and become the Rainbow. How? Through Love, Art, Play, Humor and Creative Imagination!  These are the magic keys that transcend historic dualism, and transform lower forces into creative light.

The only way to untie the knot of His-story is to merge the two paths of “dark” and “light” into one, beyond projections or blame. We do this by raising our vibration above the linear time frame of cause and effect uniting the opposite forces within until finally we Awaken to the Rainbow Reality of Radial Consciousness!  Abracadabra! Shazaam!  Behold the integrated Planetary Human of the New Cycle!


Speaking of other times and other worlds …

Here I’ll give some third-dimensional background but only to see the interplanetary story behind it. To follow up on the previous blog when I told how on Kin 95 I saw 4 ships in Australia and received a vision to go to Palenque for the Closing of the Cycle. Then on Kin 203–Blue Galactic Night when arriving to the land of Mayan Elder Don Marzo Quetzal another ship appeared. This was precisely 108 days after the initial siting; a confirmation of the  GM108x Galactic Mayan Mind transmission.

Two days later on Kin 205 (19 Dec 2012),  108 people entered the ruins at Palenque. I noted the song playing on our drive to the ruins was “Judas” by Lady Gaga, which tuned me into Maldek, the destroyed planet.

That same day atop the Temple of the Foliated Cross my toe was cut  leaving a trail of blood as I walked down the steps on our way to the tomb of the Red Queen. This felt like an initiation, an interdimensional bleed through accompanied by many deja vus.

I am Red Electric Serpent, sign of Maldek. The cut was on my Serpent toe (big toe on right foot) on the day Red Planetary Serpent (long count kin of Valum Votan) at Nah Chan, House of the Serpent. A Maldekian bleed through?

Planet Maldek, the original Garden of Eden, was shattered due to the projection of a low frequency beam projected by the jealous Jupiterians. The driving out of the garden of Adam and Eve is the dissemination of the lost tribes at the moment of Maldek’s destruction. –The Arcturus Probe

Then on 12-21, Kin 207 – and again on the way to the tomb of the Red Queen, I saw Alexander from Venezuela wearing a Judas Priest Shirt that said Epitaph. I thought it was interesting attire for the closing of the cycle.  Alexander is Kin 146–White Electric Worldbridger–sign of Mars.  (666 reduces to Kin equivalent 146 — a LOL Maldek/Martian joke?)

Perhaps this was the signal of the final sounding of the Lost Chord meant to unfold during the Seven Mystic Moons?

“And when it was remembered again, the intensity of our long aeons of holding the LOST CHORD at the atomic level would release such power that even matter would be transformed.” —Jose Arguelles/The Arcturus Probe

Climax of History, Interplanetary Drama and Lucifer Factor

So let’s rewind and recap the divine interplanetary drama playing out on our planet: 12-21 represented the climax of the 13 baktuns of history (see The Mayan Factor) – the cycle of patriarchal history concluding in a maximal state of chaos before the new cycle begins.

At this stage the force of darkness (as sometimes personified by “Lucifer”, the light-bearing one), reached maximal power which is now rapidly waning during the Seven Mystic Moons.

Lucifer ultimately represents our collective shadow side. He was an archangel highly favored by God until he rebelled, choosing to  serve himself above all. Lucifer represents the first archetype to become “I” and not “we”.

As Lucifer explains in The Arcturus Probe: “As much as I was light, I was ego, the force that maintains power in its separateness. It was the combination of sixth-dimensional light and third-dimensional ego that made my moves so contradictory and my actions easy to misperceive. Since there is neither good nor bad in any absolute sense, the effects of all of my actions have been ultimately creative, furthering the cause of evolution toward the light

“… Whatever I created, I thought was an emanation of me, so I sought to maintain control over my creation. I ceased to know that I was cosmic in nature, and believed solely in my own nature. Because of this, I became blind to the disharmonic effects of my actions. For a sixth-dimensional entity to behave this way is cosmically disastrous.”

Palenque – Nah Chan – House of Serpent – Replay of Lost Worlds

In Palenque, a ceremony had been planned to unify the Mayan Long Count with the 13 Moons as a microcosm of the unification of all religions, truths and belief systems. This unity did occur  – though on the actual day 12-21 the planned ceremony shapeshifted into another script accompanied by intense rains that washed away illusions and preconceived notions about how things should be.

Click here to listen to evening talk on 12-21.

The scenes playing out on our planet are no different than the scenes playing out within us. We are all responsible for the co-creation of our perceived reality. In the old cycle, we fought and condemned the perceived “darkness” (hence all the wars and fanaticism).

But in the New Cycle we know that blame or condemnation get us nowhere but into a samsaric cycle. To transcend the cycle we embrace the darkness and face it directly with no fear. Love is always the answer. LOVE NEVER FAILS. Love the darkness and it turns to light.

In the Book of Revelation the devil fights against God’s people only because they resist him. From the Galactic Mayan perspective, the key to overcoming perceived evil is to transcend duality altogether and enter into radial consciousness. Madame Blavatsky states “resist not evil for in resisting evil we create greater evils…”

The Quran states that Iblis (another name for Satan or Lucifer) is allowed to run its course only until the day of resurrection… according to the Galactic Mayan script, July 26, 2013 marks Galactic Synchronization when the opportunity is afforded for Planetary Resurrection.

You must understand, our plan was not, nor ever has been, to destroy Lucifer, but to learn from him and merge him into our ways. After all, a sixth-dimensional entity is a rare phenomenon, and if this entity represents the future’s restlessness coming to us, then for the sake of our own evolution we had to learn how to create communion with him. However many aeons and planet systems it would take, this was our commitment: communion with Lucifer.

–The Arcturians in The Arcturus Probe,  p. 113

Interplanetary Time Wars

What is the ultimate goal of Lucifer in the Interplanetary Drama?  He wishes to become a rival star maker, according to The Arcturus Probe.

“Lucifer seeks to render Kinich Ahau [our Sun] ineffective as a star, and be in a position to become at last a star maker and star master in his own right. To consolidate his hold, the next twist in the divisive cunning of Lucifer was to ally with the male power and overwhelm the female power. In this combative divisiveness, the final splitting of forces throughout the Kinich Ahau system would be complete and Lucifer would become the undisputed star master of V.24.”

This drama is what began the “time wars” that are now reaching a climax on our planet. These time wars originate on Jupiter and Saturn in this galaxy. This created the misuse of life-force to create death fear that was reinforced on our planet through the creation of “artificial time”. The artificial time web enslaves the consciousness of the masses into an extra low frequency wave making it virtually impossible to access other dimensions.

This artificial time frequency is based on the ratio 12:60 rather than 13:20 natural time. The 12:60 timing frequency has as its aim the weakening of the human resonant field with the Earth.

Unknown-2The angel with the fiery sword standing guard at the garden gate is the keeper of galactic memory. Who dares to break enslavement and bondage to the third-dimensional world of the 12:60 time beam may easily take the fiery sword from the angel and cut the knot of amnesia which is interdimensional ignorance. —Jose Arguelles/The Arcturus Probe

The Seven Mystic Moons invite us to transcend duality. To change darkness into light. It is also the time of the great frequency shift and synthesis of all of history in preparation for the New Galactic Beam phasing in at Galactic Synchronization. Our main duty is to unify as one body of Love in attunement to the resonance of the planet. This is the way of the New Cycle of the Noosphere.


Special thanks and infinite gratitude to Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles/Closer of the Cycle– Kin 11: Blue Spectral Monkey. Thank you for teaching me not only synchronic codes of time but for embracing me in unconditional love to be extended to all of humanity and on behalf of all sentient beings…Love you forever…

Kin 207–4 Ahau–12-21-2012– Palenque. Photos and video by Sarah Bronson/Yellow Spectral Seed. Music: “Peace Invocation” by Darpan.


The Rainbow Bridge Experiment continues …

Realization of Noosphere is the Overcoming of Duality.

Overcoming duality creates a field of telepathic resonance.

A field of telepathic resonance unveils the (already existing) Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge.

This experiment continues through the 7 Mystic Moons to Galactic Synchronization.

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