Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Be The Splendor – 22 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

I am One God. I am the same God I ever was, only I am seen in different ways. It does matter what you see. I am more than a question of belief. Belief is what is in your mind. I ask: What is in your heart? What is in your vision? According to you, what kind of a God am I?

I know the God I AM. I am the simplest, purest, loving living God. I am the Great Emancipator. I do not hold you down or back or anything at all. I am the Great Freer of Mankind. I am the Great Lover of Mankind. I am the Great Creator, and what I create is more wonderful than you have given credence to.

And where do you think I am? Who do you think I am? What kind of a God do you think I am? Do you think I am stern and unremitting? Do you draw conclusions? Tell Me truthfully, beloveds, do you think I, God, am a Wrongdoer? Do you feel I have done wrong by you? Do you hold things against Me? Do you blame what you don’t like on Me? Yes, some may believe that I wrong man. You rail at what you see as the ravage I have committed. A prime example is that I built death of the body into Earth life. That certainly doesn’t seem merciful to you. It downright offends you.

You dream of a different kind of God, One Who lets go of laws. You want a God Who grants you everything you want the way you want it. Dear Ones, this is because you see only so far, and it is hard for you to get beyond what you presently see and accept as true.

A God of Mercy, you scoff. A God Who allows death of the bodies of loved ones? A God Who gives you love, and then pulls it away? You come to an impasse that is hard for you to get past.

It is hard for you to forgive Me the passage called death or — Death. You see this inalterable travesty as most unjust. You would leave human beings on Earth forever. You would take away a great rejuvenation for all. Besides, you haven’t perceived life on Earth as such a wonderful state, yet you would authorize it forever, or you would authorize forever that your loved ones always be around for you.

I do understand that it is hard for you to forgive Me for returning you and your loved ones to Me body-less in the place in My heart called Heaven.

You see life as good and bad. You are fine with the good you see, and not so fine with what you see as bad.

What if you could see the good in everything? You don’t want to. You want to see all that you see as bad and you want it remedied. Beloveds, you have looked for what you want and thrown out that which does not look glorious to you. I do not ask you to compromise. I ask you to get beyond your judgments. Because of your judgments, you have seen Me as a God of Judgment. You know I call Myself a God of Love, yet that seems radical or even irreverent to you.

What if you did believe in Me as a God of Love? What if you did forgive Me for setting up the world as you see it set up? What if We could start fresh and you would grant that you see only a part of the whole, that you are missing a whole lot, and that what you are missing is awareness of the Greatness of Yourself. I may be referred to as the Great I AM, yet it is your own Greatness you have deferred.

There is more to life than you have seen. There is more to life than you have acknowledged. Look at Creation with My eyes. See its beauty and splendor. Put your protests aside. You don’t need them. See the splendor. Be the Splendor. Be merciful unto yourself. / link to original article

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