Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – God’s Words Are Like Stars – 23 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

My words are like apple blossoms I shower on you. My words are like stars that I shine on you. My words are My love strewn on you. Everything from Me is love. Everything of Mine is love, and you are Mine. You can only be Mine. You can’t be less than I say, and I say I see you before Me, and I see that you are good. No one else made you. I made you. And I made you good. Anything less than good is nothing but delusion. It is something you made up. You fantasized that you were less than what God made. You had an idea that you were not made well. You had an idea that you were an exception, that you were made imperfect. I made you perfectly. I made you perfectly, yet you have perhaps carried the idea that I made you dross. No, never. Whatever errors you have made are made up. They are fiction. You went down a road that does not really exist.

Love exists, and if you have exerted less than love, you can change on a dime right now. Old ways of perceiving are fictional. If your life seeks a remedy, you are the remedy. Once upon a time, you saw something amiss. You saw yourself amiss. Now you can see in a new way. How you see is of the utmost importance to how you feel about yourself. You may be a diamond in the rough. Even so, you are a diamond. You are a diamond of My heart. You are the crystallization of My heart. My heart on Earth is not glass. I did not put sand in your heart. I put a clear diamond, and now I suggest that it is time for you to mine the diamond that you are.

What matters now is now. You are as infinite and eternal as anyone. You are as infinite and eternal as all the Great Ones. Everything they were, you are. The difference is that you have hidden the Truth from yourself. You have downplayed it. You may have said to yourself: “I cannot be great in love. If I cannot be great in love, I will be great in fury.” Then you made a lesser choice. You may have thought you were taking the easy way out, and yet you chose the hardest way of all, and you exerted yourself in order to take yourself seriously and to be sought after in the world, even to be caught up in the world.

Give it up now. Plant the God-given seeds of love, and from the seeds you plant, a new garden will grow. You are a living Being. You are My love. All that is required is that you accept My avowal of you. You are golden in My eyes. Let the light of My love planted in you reflect from your eyes onto yourself and, from you to the whole world. There is no one in Creation Who is not a Light-bringer. Turn on your light so that you may see it burning brightly. There is no dark side. You have deluded yourself. You have estranged yourself, yet you will never make a stranger of Me. I am your True Self, and you are the most loved of all. Every single one is the most loved of all, yet to the Ones Who need My love the most, I pound it in. I knock on the door of your heart, and I say:

“Beloved, open your heart. Let Me in. I am your entrance to the world. Previously, you drew a picture of a wide-open door, and you thought you walked through it, yet you had a dream that you were not love. You had a dream that you were left out. You had a poor dream, and now you awake from that dream, and you find yourself in the Splendor of My Heart. Know now where you are. You are here with Me.” / link to original article

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