Sophia Love – Consider Freedom – 23 January 2013

tichtnhathanFull presence is a prerequisite to power.  All that we have is absolutely this moment.  We are in the process of becoming who we already are.  There is only now.

Thich Nhat Hanh wrote beautiful words about this in “The Miracle of Mindfulness”.  They flow through me today as I navigate the terrain of freedom and multi-dimensionality.  As expansion unfolds we are pulled back to our core.  There is truth there, and peace.

The world does not so much change around us but we see it differently.  So much we took for granted turns out to be smoke and mirrors.  There is one truth.  It is raw and unfamiliar.  Freedom.  Get to a point of contemplation.  Freedom is not granted or given.  It is declared.  This moment now is yours.  Re-embrace your responsibility.  This is your creation.  This is your choice.

We’ve traveled together, examining duality, considering unity, discovering love and realizing agape.  The alteration of perspective from “other” to “self” to “One” becomes legally and physically played out in our world with the UCC filings by the One People’s Public Trust.  These filings do not grant you freedom.  As a being, sourced from the Creator, you hold equal rights with every other.  You are free.

As you go through your day, consider what that means.  The Trust has shown up now to remind us at this eternal moment of what is truth.  You are free.  You are love.  You have been living an illusion of separation, polarity, slavery and authority.  The only authority in your life is you.  There is no one to blame or to answer to.  Reserve all of your rights.

We are eternally, deeply birthed in agape.  Pure and whole, we are absolute power.  Consider Oneness.  The idea is gradually remembered as we operate from our heart.  It is there we act as One and communicate with clarity.  Everything else is part of the game.

We will find peace as we engage fully each moment.  Every action becomes an adventure.  Remember the first time you drove – alone? It’s like that all the time.  Freedom is newly discovered in each instant of living.  Our eyes open wider as we see without blinders, restrictions or someone else’s definitions.  We are free, and we know it.

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.


The Real Secret Of Life – Alan Watts – Uploaded on 21 January 2013 by Tragedyand Hope / via link to original article

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