Bill Ballard – Hearing The Stories Of Those Experiencing 4D – Shift Up To 5D – 24 January 2013

Uploaded on 24 January 2013 by pearls2u Well, Mother Earth is definitely in 4D (and Higher). I am hearing stories of persons seeing and experiencing the astral realms, having fear, uncertainty, chaos and crap as the LIGHT intensity is amplified on planet by the CMEs, Cosmic Hole Streams, Photon Belt, and the Magnetic Beams we have most recently entered coming from the Galactic Center. This intensity has only just begun and will certainly increase as we go. It is designed to raise the Light Quotient of each and every individual on planet, which will eventually have all in 5D and Higher as we ascend. So many persons feel they are ass ending as they play in the 4D realms… Come on Up to 5D! You can ONLY get there through your heart… The exterior illusion will only continue in chaos as we watch the old world collapse… Bliss is found in 5D, as well as majic and mastery of one’s life… That is why they call 5D Christ Consciousness… Be LOVE!


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