Constance Demby – “Mother Of The World” Music Video – 24 January 2013

Uploaded 29 November 2012 by Ed Lantz

Song “Mother of the World” from Constance Demby’s album Set Free. Originally broadcast on Harmony Channel VOD network in 9 million homes on Comcast in 2006.

Constance writes ~ This is by far the most beautiful visual rendering of “Mother Of The World” from my album Set Free – The Definitive Edition. This song, unlike any other I’ve ever created, came through entirely composed, music and words, all in one download…an extraordinary experience.

The gorgeous inspiring visuals were created by Penny Slinger Hills /with Dyran Dasu of Goddess Channel. And, an unusual coincidence occurred with my friend Rowena Pattee Kryder, who – at the same time that I was recording the song – was working on a huge painting in Mt Shasta, CA, which she had entitled Mother Of The World…

Seems that we both had received visitations… / link to original article


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