Lucas – The New Paradigm And Sharing – New Ways Of Doing Things – 24 January 2013

Gift_Sharing.previewA new paradigm needs to be created without the good old 3D patterns. It is not pulling the old tricks out of the head to get things done or just being sharing from egoism by having personal interests,  greed, fame, and the me me me numerous screaming voices taking over and leading.

What I observe is  far too much so-called new paradigm groups and websites, businesses, and organizations,  going for gold by stepping on the corpses to get expanding, or building projects ripped from somebody’s  ideas or buidling things from the work others have done already for themselves. Abusing others is not a way of getting the new paradigm working. Also enrichment and greed is shown even from some  talking about sharing and helping others.  It seems the old duality issues still are not gotten rid of.  It is still not normal for a lot to really walk the talk in this 5D reality of the now.

I observe groups and people still following others  who are their so-called saviours, gurus, priests, etc. They still are committing themselves to others and give their powers away to belief systems projected upon them.  They are making still duality their stronghold and get stuck.  It is now time to get yourself to be free of  this. See clearly your driving in reverse on the ascension road. All those others in the lanes next to you took over driving full speed ahead.  They where for long maybe in your eyes the slow ones but they have moved on and became full speed more consciousness of what 5D is about.

What is the new paradigm really about?  It is for sure not about ego matters, being first, being competing, striving, taking without consent, using others for your self-interest or having hidden agendas, being constantly pursuing money and possession. It is so easy to get back in the old paradigm by doing if you are in the new paradigm and drawing a big circle around it to be your new border to your illusion. Are you still enclosing yourselves in the old paradigm? Are you disguising the old car  by painting it a new color and selling it as new? Are  your many ego mind and duality  issues still clouding your real new paradigm vision? Are you really living 5D already?

In truth nobody can say that we have mastered already all. I say again nobody. In the nature things all is just a perception of you being a unique pair of eye balls from god that observe, see and learn about all sorts of dimensional vibrational levels. God, we all are part of and is part of us wants to learn and expand in experiencing all and getting knowledge through all those unique eyeballs floating in the endless existing dimensional realities.

We all have still in some way our personal issues, our process in perceiving our new roles of being creators of our new reality.  We all have reached our own vibrational levels and are our authentic vibrational signature.  This does not say anything else than we are one, but we have all our own ways to go also. All those  eyes focus and see things different and perceive things different.  That makes it so interesting and difficult also. There are no qualifications to put to that.  Nobody is less or more or better etc.  That is old paradigm. But observations can be made and every pair of eyeballs has its own personal view.

Creating from unconditional love from the heart is finding its basis in unity without boundaries. We are here to be creating for the better for all of mankind or for the highest good for all. This means also you need to respect that we all have our own energy fields that can resonate or not with each other. We all are our unique authentic selves.   5D does not mean co-creating  from the me me me principle of 3D.  You do not cooperate or c0-create if you are just thinking or wanting the benefits for yourself, and  it does not mean you intentionally take from or hurt somebody in the process.  It is about sharing in equality and respecting each other. Sharing means being aware of the fact that you’re not alone in having needs, wanting things, creating things or thinking things. You seek balance in the needs of many or a group without having self-interest and ego matters interfere. Seeking the best possible outcome for all is what is needed.

Sharing needs a deeper level of consciousness to see that in essence it is a mutual feeling of consent that allows in equality and unconditional love  to be, create, have. The outcome of the sharing is the gift of love and creation (opportunities) to each other. The giving and feeling of bliss and joy in sharing is the return of investment for you (if your still thinking in money terms). Also the receiving of the gift gives bliss as it makes possible or in part possible  for the receiver what it is he wants to do or create. The receiver can make his or her given share into a creation in 5D  of bliss and joy  for the better of all mankind or for the highest outcome of all.   This way others are having bliss or joy from that creation.  How much better could sharing in this sense be. It is  just a flow of love, bliss and joy without ending.

Sharing is so much more. Sharing is about making things able. It is creating new opportunities or (re-)build via giving.  It is about letting things blossom and grow. You give a part of  your talent, knowledge, skills,  fortune, creativity, to make things happen for a service or good, creation or idea that does make things happen for others. Sharing is in 5D just transferring energies that make things for the better of all mankind or for the highest possible outcome for mankind, earth, the universe and dimensional reality work and is rooted in unconditional love and unity.

In the new paradigm there are lots of models for projects and  businesses to be explored. How to share and create and still do “business” or having a sort of exchange for services, good, etc is what is the question.  As long as we need or maybe hold onto the  money system this is an those models are maybe working.  Seek also for models that share without money as a need to exchange.

Some models already exist and can be worked from like pay-it forward that gives you a chance in the now to already give some person, project or organization a change to do something now. With the gift you have given the person, project or organization can create things that will help others. Eventually hopefully they will have enough to be paying forward to others. This means there are just communal benefits from this model.  Example:  You pay the education of a young person that never would be able to get this education without any conditions or strings attached forward. This young person will become  a student, that later becomes  a great building engineer that can help his community (re)build, and this former student pays forward another project or person when he is able to do so and the circle grows bigger and bigger.

Sell services on the basis of added value. What was it worth to you is the bottom line in this model. This is already a concept successfully used in coaching and internet social media education business.  There can be set a basic price or not. He or she pays for the service by the added value that he or she sees the service has given to him or her.  In most of the cases will be paid more for the services than the basic price set. Added value or what it is worth to you is a possible tool as long  as the services have been provided with the intent to be for the better of all mankind or for the highest outcome for all.

Crowd funding is also a new succesful method of getting funding for projects, or new business without having a bank loan or loan shark loan or depend on family relationships and friends. In my vision crowd funding should be about people knowing your project, business to be a good option to invest in for the future of mankind. The investment is in my vision (talking about 5D) without having your money back immediately and certainly not with interest.  The funding is done by lots of gifts or what someone would be able to invest. This quick internet /social media funding tool can speed up things and get things working for you if you struck the right chord with those investing. You can see it in this way as a sort pay it forward but with the condition to pay back the invested amount to the people without interest when the business makes money or produces materials or crops to return. A non-profit project of course has no payback when ever your can without interest model, it is a donation.

This model can also work for Crowd Resources Project funding as I call it. It is the same model as Crowd funding but without money and it is specific for community projects. It is getting enough resources in supplies, goods, services, materials, talents, skills and knowledge in to make a certain project to come totally funded. It is a non-money based community project funding. The goal is not getting money back but it is to get community projects for the better of all finished.  The so-called return on invest (ROI) in economic terms is here the benefit for all the community equally. Those projects are strong building blocks in creating new community sense, having breakthroughs in community personal relationships and involving and exploring  people’s skills and talents on whatever level to make things happen. It really unites people and the reward of the love put into the project  is for all to use of it or the equal benefit from it.  Make those community projects happen from a 5D co-creating vision  in unity and oneness without limitations working for all in equality and from unconditional love. It needs re-thinking of ways how community projects in the past have been done.  A good way to explore new 5D creation.

Donations incorporated in the selling price.  Selling goods and services in a new way with donations being a certain percentage of the selling price reserved for projects for the better of all mankind on communal level.

Donating pure is sharing by just giving a gift of love to others that can use your donation in money or goods and be helped by it to have themselves bliss and joy to have received the gift that makes things happen for them or helps them on their way. You donate for the reason to have giving from unconditional love.  There are no conditions to this gift of love.

Also sharing can be sharing communal space to get living food gardens and free spaces working for a community in having communal sustainable green energy production.

Sharing via non fiat currency money systems  is already for and wide-spread over the world.  Exchange systems like Lets, Bitcoin, local or communal money, time, goods and service sharing exchanges, non money value indicated systems are already over the world used a lot. We can build on and use those systems  already available.

Sharing consciousness is more than just giving money or having a rally for something. It is feeling that in a mutual understanding we all are better of with sharing from the heart. Taking from others without giving and making profits for just profit is not a sensible 5D reality vision. Sharing in 5D is exploring new ways  and doing things without money.  Sharing is also about giving others a space to explore and a jumpstart. Sharing is setting aside personal interests as Oneness ia always a personal interest. All we do from our own perception always affects all others, as we all are interconnected with all.  Sharing is about cooperation in mutual knowledge of the rule of being One. So, all you do is in the end for us and not for you alone. It is setting up communal interests that serve also the individual interest,  sharing space, sharing big clients, sharing resources.  There is no need other than the need for all tot be having all. Abundance always has been available for everyone. Abundance was only not being shared in the right way.

Know you need to communicate to make cooperation or co-creating work.  It is about sharing thoughts and ideas, sharing needs, sharing what everyone wants, and all that needs to be boiled down to what is for the better of all not only one individual or group of individuals.  In my visions of 5D we will see new ways of communicating based on ESP, feeling and visions, images and  via vibrational energy transfer. Let us make use of the tools, talents and skills we have now in a new way to jumpstart ourselves already into the new golden age.  The have to rethink the tools uses in a new 5D way.

Let us share in the 5D new paradigm way and explore new ways to make it work for us all in oneness.

Love and Light,


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