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3 Minutes News – NASA’s “Big” Announcement – 24 January 2013

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Lisa Gawlas – The Winds Of Change, Of Acceleration Will Come With The Arrival Of February!! – 24 January 2013

winds-of-changeThere is no doubt we have made a huge shift within our heart centers and on earth herself.  Each of us here in our own unique energetic expression and skill set.  My first gentleman of the day of readings yesterday really set my soul on fire with understanding.  There he was, within his crystal ball energy field (inner field/heart center) and the view for me, was completely on the outside area of his crystal ball.  I seen what I recognized as an image of the earth made of crystal.  There were no land mass markings, nor any latitude (horizontal) lines… only vertical (longitude) lines equally spaced around his crystal ball. Continue reading

Jamye Price – The Weekly Lightblast – Following Your Heart – 24 January 2013

JamyePriceYou are an ancient soul indeed.  You have chosen and been chosen to embody within the time of great change because you are familiar to the challenge.  In a moment of pain, you resent the challenge.  In a moment of grace you appreciate the challenge.  When you Know the Truth of your timeless nature, you fear no judgment, no rejection, no outcome.  It is a lesson of courage, fortitude and focus to walk the path of forgetting and remember the Truth.  You are magnificent.  You have within you the spark of Love that is inherent in All Life.  Magnify it, magnificent Being.  You are that.  Be the Love you want to see in the world.  Be the experience of Love that shows another the power of Love.  Continue reading

Lucas – The New Paradigm And Sharing – New Ways Of Doing Things – 24 January 2013

Gift_Sharing.previewA new paradigm needs to be created without the good old 3D patterns. It is not pulling the old tricks out of the head to get things done or just being sharing from egoism by having personal interests,  greed, fame, and the me me me numerous screaming voices taking over and leading. Continue reading

Ann Albers – Listen To Ann’s Interview With Dr. Alvin Jones – 24 January 2013

annalbers2I had a wonderful chat today with Dr. Alvin Jones – a deep thinker author, and wonderful DC radio show host. We talked about Living in the Flow of Divine Grace.

If you have a PC, you can listen here:  http://www.dralvinjones.com/.

If you have a Mac that won’t play wma files, you can listen here: http://www.visionsofheaven.com/_aa/anns_audio.html Continue reading

Sophia Love – Playing With Gold An Exercise… “Playing With Gold (Energy, That Is…)” – 24 January 2013

gold_sparkling_hearts — Have fun with this.  Our imagination is our most powerful tool! —

An Exercise… “Playing with Gold (Energy, that is…)”
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There are occasional OPPT type communications that arrive to my computer. And occasionally, something is sent/posted which hits my heart, backside, Innards, Inner Self, whatever. This one definitely did. Now, here’s the story from my end… Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Transmissions From The Arcturian Mothership – Multiple Realites – Part 5 – About Bi-location – 24 January 2013


Mytria and I arrived early at out holoschool, which is the name we had given this holosuite, expecting to again find the Arcturian sending another Transmissions to Earth. To our surprise, It was patiently waiting for us, even though we were early. The Arcturian warmly greeted us and asked if we were ready for our bi-location into the timeline in which our Pleiadian society ascended. Continue reading

Méline Lafont – A Personal Message To Me From The Ascended Masters Of The Far East ~ Step 2: Knowledge For The Transmutation In The Process Of Transformation – 24 January 2013

DSC04129(This channeling is actually a personal message to me. These Masters are known by the book of “Life and Teachings of The Masters of the Far East” by Baird T. Spalding, a wonderful book I was told  that, unfortunatly, I have not read yet. They came in early November to give me guidance in my Transformation and Transmutation process that is still running. Since this guidance includes important tips in it, I decided to share my message with you all. Keep in mind that this is a personal message to me, and this can vary from person, and therefore there is a chance that this does not resonate with your person and heart. The entire channel consists of 20 written pages and is composed of parts from the entire channeling and includes steps. The first part was posted on January 9 and This is the second part of the entire message, the third part will follow later in the coming days. Much love, Meline ♥) Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Urban Farming Book – 24 January 2013

laura brunoThere’s a new resource out to support local governments and food growers (or potential growers) to create urban resources for local food. If you click here, you can read about it and even download a free PDF for you and/or your local government. I’ve already forwarded the link to someone we know on the Goshen Town Council, as we would love to see edible landscaping and additional local food resources around town.

The link above will land you on Milkwood Farm’s permaculture blog from Down Under — an inspiring resource with info on tiny houses, community farming, mushroom cultivation, and all sorts of wonderful eco-adventures. Enjoy!

www.laurabruno.wordpress.com / link to original article

Zerohedge – Tyler Durden – Oldest Bank In The World Plunges, Halted As Chairman Resigns In Aftermath Of Latest Derivatives Fiasco – 24 January 2013

ZeroHedgeLast week, following documentation from Deutsche Bank (and Nomura), it became clear that Italy’s Monte Paschi (BMPS) bank (the oldest in the world) has engaged in derivatives with the German and Japanese banks in order to save itself during the financial crisis. The derivatives, according to Bloomberg, were done off-market and allowed the booking of large upfront gains which covered losses optically that the bank faced as European liquidity dried up completely – the offsetting ‘losses’ are now coming due. Continue reading