Sophia Love – Working On Freedom – 24 January 2013

1203815We are waiting to receive that which we have; planning to do what’s already been done.  Do you “grock” (really get) what’s going on right now?  Nothing less than revolution.

As the Declaration of Independence declared that which was already true – “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” – so the UCC filings of the One People’s Public Trust do the same. They return title to the people.

In 1776 the Declaration was directed at King George III.  Today it is a statement to all.  By putting it in the language of commerce, where the manipulation and slavery systems have been set up and are running, the Trust cannot be ignored; it is on the turf of the Powers that Were.  Now it is up to us to continue the work.

We are in the early, delicate, formative days of this new world.  Creation is happening with every thought, each word and all action.  It is up to us to focus.  Intend with clarity to heal, to love, to play and to manifest in joy.  For years we’ve heard that “thoughts become things”.  What are you thinking about?

How about freedom, abundance, love and vitality.  The Trust has laid out for us a beautiful path lined with gold; possibilities abound.  As the documents and changes are digested, we’ll start and stop, climb and stumble, speak and recant, declare and change focus. It’s all okay.  We haven’t been here before.  We are learning and teaching together.  One people, one Trust, one Truth, One.  Fear need not be a part of the process.  There is no failure.  We are guaranteed success.

These are the early days, the days our grandchildren and great grandchildren will read about.  They will be filled with variety and drama and excitement and zillions of questions.  We are answering them all now – ourselves.

This clip (below) reminds me of the process we are all going through.  Ralphie’s dream is real and yet he seeks validation and some sort of official stamp of approval on it to have it recognized.  The UCC filings of the OPPT have done that; we don’t need to repeat them.  It’s necessary to act free, feel free and embrace freedom.  Understand what that means in your life.  Unlimited is a challenging concept for a former slave.

Yet like Ralphie, our dreams will shape our tomorrows.  Like compound interest, as we add to the collective imagination, possibilities expand exponentially.  Where is your focus?  You will only get more of whatever you insist on announcing.  Select carefully.

We can choose more of anything – polarity, blame, opposition or unity and universal recognition of love.  We are One being, working out our structure and form in every moment of now.

The illusion of difference has led to corruption, greed and service to self.  It is the truth of Unity that will heal us.  See yourself reflected in each other and love without condition.  Dream big and engage your wildest fantasies.  This is freedom.  It is exactly what you choose.

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

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