Visionkeeper – Try To Look On The Bright Side.. – 24 January 2013

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Things are getting crazier in our upside down world and it is so easy to fall into negative thinking and fear, but we must not succumb to this. This is one of our biggest tests we are being given on this journey. It is not easy to stay positive amidst all the chaos and constant lies. So often it is difficult to know who is telling us the truth and who isn’t, it is forcing us to pay closer attention to our guts and listen to what they are telling us. We haven’t relied upon our guts for a very long time now and so they are probably pretty rusty and our ability to tune into them is questionable. Time to get to work on paying attention again, greasing up our guts and getting them flowing freely again. It is time to actively KNOW ourselves again and stop being an alien living within our own bodies. People seem so afraid of knowing themselves for whatever reasons, I would think we would be more afraid of not knowing ourselves, of being that alien we know nothing about that resides within. Everything about the way we think and the things we are doing and being are so backwards and yet we see it as being normal. We have a great deal of reconnecting and relearning to do  with ourselves!

We have been thinking this way for so long we see nothing wrong with it now and yet if we pull away and unplug from the matrix we can see the insanity of everything taking place. This is why unplugging ourselves is so important, for until we can begin to SEE the insanity of what is going on, we will never believe it is going on. There is much truth to the saying “Seeing is believing”. Things going on right now are so bizarre and shocking, most people are incapable of being able to believe what they are told, to do so would shatter their entire world, so negating them is a far easier way of dealing with everything. If on the other hand they actually can SEE what is happening, it is harder for them to close their eyes to the truth and so we need people to be able to SEE as well as feel their world around them and the truth that is revealing it.

One way to be able to look at the truth is by having the ability to see the good hidden within the bad, to be positive despite how bad things seem. Looking on the bright side of life gives us courage and hope and without those, we falter and fall victim to fear. Once fear has gripped us it is almost impossible to feel hope. We see only the bad, we start to believe the fear based lies and we ultimately end up having little hope for a way out of the chaos. There is always hope when you realize that it is we ourselves that create the reality we live in. It is our thoughts, either positive or negative, that determines what kind of life we will live. Such a powerful realization and quite frightening for many to see at long last their own lives are their responsibility! If we can create our own reality then sure together as a whole we can create the reality of the world as well. Let’s make it loving and beautiful and filled with peace.

Blessings to us all,

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