American Kabuki – The Odd Little Keshe Contract… – 25 January 2013

KesheFoundationWe noticed something a bit ODD with the Keshe World Peace Treaty contract…  Its a SOUL contract… and the contract doesn’t stipulate just WHOM Keshe represents.  WHO are his handlers? Who does he speak for?  Who’s higher on the FOOD chain?

Manhattan was sold for a few beads and trinkets.  And what’s technology when compared to your soul? Corporations don’t have soulsneither do governments… so who is this aimed at?  Don’t you just hate fine print?

The One People’s Public Trust just negated the commercial contract enslaving humans on this planet in multiple dimensions.  YET Keshe, on January 21, is offering A NEW ONE!!! You have to ask yourself in regards to this contract, who are the other parties to it? WHERE’S FULL DISCLOSURE AND TRANSPARENCY?   How does Keshe, an Iranian, in the heart of darkest Belgium (and I don’t mean “dark chocolate” – read the history of King Leopold in the Congo or the rampant ritual child abuse among elites in Belgium), operate a non-profit for humanity in that country?  Its not accidentally the EU is centered in Belgium.  Hopefully Keshe will be more forthcoming.  I am not saying Keshe is a bad guy, I just wonder why he’s got a soul contract for a treaty…

Interesting timing… the old contract was over on the 21st.  Not even a day went by before a new one popped up… “just sayin..”.

He’s not the first with these technologies, there’s DARPA boys with far more advanced stuff that are still hiding underground so they don’t end up like Bill Brockbader and be put in hole somewhere for helping humanity with the truth.

Clause from Keshe World Peace Treaty Contract:

“We/I as citizen(s) of the Earth from this moment on accept to lay down all tools of aggression and war, we/I shall never think about getting involved or incite war or develop or use any tools of war on this planet or in space, and to this we/I all agree and swear with our/my (Delete as appropriate) Nation, territory, council, religion, city, town, body(s) and soul(s).” / link to original article


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  1. Very interesting!