Bella Capozzi – Mini Message For The Weekend – 25 January 2013

BellaCapozzi* Hello Friends!  Another addition I’m making to my blog is to add on fun little one or two card mini-readings.  I pull cards for myself every day, and sometimes a particular one will really jump out.  The message will be feel very strong and pertinent to what appears to be happening around us.  So here’s today’s card.  It also happens to be one that’s showing up in almost all the readings I’m doing for others, too.  Lots of synchronicity!

PENTACON DIGITAL CAMERA✿ The Nine of Water is a very beautiful card, with an extremely positive and uplifting meaning.  Take note of the imagery; the gentle, smiling Mermaid, floating above the nine goblets – all of them overflowing with treasure.  Her expression is both joyous and content, and also she exudes a vibration of patience and certainty.  What this card is saying to us is that our abundance is here – readily available and just waiting for us to reach out and grab hold of it.  In this New Age of Aquarius, the old programming is falling away.  The illusions of lack and powerlessness are showing themselves to us to be just that; illusions!  It’s imperative right now that we work hard to process and release all of our old 3D programming.  And there are many ways in which to do this.  By including in your schedule a consistent, daily meditation practice; eliminating toxins from your body; regular exercise; Getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine; disconnecting yourself from toxic people and relationships (to name just a few); you not only empower yourself emotionally but prime your body physically, as well.  This will allow you to more thoroughly absorb all of the transformative new energy arriving on the planet in greater quantity, every day.  You’ll begin to feel better, and be more confident in your own power to manifest abundance in your own life!

Observe how the goblets lie just beneath the Mermaid’s tail.  So close. Just within her reach, if only she would trust in her ability dive down and reach them.  (When I draw this card, it can also indicate a confidence issue.)  “Can I hold my breath long enough to swim down and pick up my treasure”, the Mermaid may wonder?  “Am I a strong enough swimmer to carry it back up to the surface”?  I know what your thinking…  How silly!  She’s a Mermaid!  Of course she can!  Okay now, do you see what I’m getting at?

Just like the Mermaid, you have everything it takes to swim down and carry that treasure up from the bottom of the sea and to manifest abundance in your life.  It may take  practice and a bit of ingenuity and hard work, but within you is the natural ability to create.  The skills are there.  They’re found in your newly upgrading DNA, and they’re an integral part of soul’s blueprint.  It’s just that we’ve forgotten how to access them.  We all really need to be working on this now.  I know that I am, and I can most definitely assure you that it’s not at all happening for me overnight.  But since I began really focusing on this aspect of my  transition, I am honestly starting to see a lot of changes.

I consider this to be a card of exuberant joy and celebration.  A card of rediscovery, and to me it’s a clear  sign of good things to come.  Life is beautiful.  It’s an adventure.  We’re so incredibly blessed to be partaking of this magical journey with our beloved Mother Gaia.  Rejoice, be happy, and go out and have a wonderful weekend!


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