Lucas – Experience The Winds Of Creation – 25 January 2013


Go find the winds of creation that will blow always around you. You are that wind and are One with it. It is an expression of  what is your connection from the heart and source.

Do not listen to me, do not read what I wrote, do not see what I see, but feel it and experience it for yourself. You will know what it is you have not listened to, what you did not read, and what you did not see as you are all the answers. You will  become that new perception. 

Perceive your newly found reality and see it is like the wind blowing lightly through your hair and cooling down the last thoughts of the past and future to connect with your hearts reality of the moment of now in being one with all.

Your path will become a live of synchronisities and knowing all is well as it is presented to you in divine order. That what you give forward from your heart to fly with the winds of creation  and let go of is  bringing you opportunities when you act upon your hearts manifesting wish.  The mere subtle initiating of the wish to come forward will bring you miracle connections, possibilities, visions and new ways showing you a possible route. It is you that needs to make the first step by making that call, do that research, plan for that what it is you want, etc.

The winds of creation will bring rain to water the seeds you have planted and they will sprout. The flow of things is what you need to rely on. Bring forward, let go in the flow and start acting already in line with your manifesting wish from the heart.  No more doubts about what you have brought forward from the heart. No more worries of things to be happening as it is all going to be in the divine order of things.

Experience the winds of creation and bring about the new reality in your life. The time is now to get creating.

Love and Light,


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