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Ron Van Dyke – Are Justice And Peace Pipe Dreams In This World? – 25 January 2013

Uploaded on 25 January 2013 by Ron Van Dyke I live my life seeking justice in a world that often seems devoid of even common sense. I’m not alone. There hundreds of thousands, if not millions of us. As I see it; and I have stated it many times: we will never have peace on earth until there is justice based on truth and natural law. Yes, it often seems like an uphill battle as the powers that have been try to dig in their heels and prevent as many as possible from waking up to the truth of the lies and deception of the current matrix. The list of their efforts to maintain the status quo is long and rife with injustices and criminal conspiracies. The crimes committed against humanity are horrific. With all the disappointments and apparent delays in bringing a more just world into existence, many wonder: Are justice and peace merely pipe dreams in this world?

Lucas – Experience The Winds Of Creation – 25 January 2013


Go find the winds of creation that will blow always around you. You are that wind and are One with it. It is an expression of  what is your connection from the heart and source.

Do not listen to me, do not read what I wrote, do not see what I see, but feel it and experience it for yourself. You will know what it is you have not listened to, what you did not read, and what you did not see as you are all the answers. You will  become that new perception.  Continue reading

Ron Head – We Are Doing Everything We Can To Get Your Attention – 25 January 2013


Synchronicities, feathers, coins, and signs of all kinds abound at this time.  We are doing everything we can to get your attention.  We are here and we are working with you in every way we are able.  If you are open to the possibility, ask and you will receive all the signs you need that we are indeed with you. Continue reading

Infinite Waters – How To Be Happy – Is There More To Life? – 25 January 2013

Uploaded on 24 January 2013 by Kemetprince1 Letting Go Off Society’s Expectations…Have Fun! http://infinitewaters.net

The Principle Of Spiritual Sovereignty – Being The Owner Of Your Own Life – 25 January 2013

Soul-SovereigntyThe concept of sovereignty may be well known when it is applied to the realms of a government, or to territorial dominions of a state or a country, but it is less known as a spiritual concept that permeates one of the fundamental birth-rights into the human experience: the right to be a sovereign being. Continue reading

ALERT!!! EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY NOW At Bayou Corne Assumption Parish Ground Is Sinking FAST!! – 25 January 2013

Uploaded 24 January 2013 by cybertribenetwork

James Gilliland – Spiritual Ego, Inner Sensitivity, And Critical Thinking – 25 January 2013

jamesgillilandThis may sound like a bit of a rant but it needs to be said. We know the energies are intense and people are in process, some lashing out, yet what is being said makes us very sad considering the awareness of the masses. This includes those who pride themselves on their spiritual connection. Continue reading

Libor Rigging : Bankers Attempts To Prevent Indentification Fail In High Court – 25 January 2013

Bankers And Brokers And Inside Traders Arrested, Oh My! - Update - 8 August 2012Scores of bankers have failed in a bid to prevent their names being revealed during preliminary hearings of a High Court case centred on the rigging of a lending rate by Barclays staff.

More than 100 employees or former employees of Barclays wanted their identities kept secret during pre-trial hearings in London on Monday. Continue reading

Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – Full Moon In Leo – 25 January 2013

djwhalKhulDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. This week I want to talk about the powerful Full Moon in the sign of Leo. The Sun is in Aquarius, the Moon is Full in the opposite sign of the zodiac or Leo in this case. I’m seeing it as a very favorable Moon for most people; a good time to ponder a redirection in life or if you’re already moving in a certain way, you can gain more momentum now. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Finding Your Place In The World – 25 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

What is there to wake up to if not love? If love seems lacking, then who is going to put it there? What it may take for you to wake up to love is your recognition of love and your willingness to expand on it. You expand on love by recognizing it. You may have had your spotlight set on less than love.

Here’s the story, beloveds: You will find what you set out to look for. Continue reading