RemovingTheShackles – Kathy Kelly – The Power Of “The Zone” – 25 January 2013

zoneI have been toying with my knowledge of how emotional states effect manifestation. There is a particular emotion that I know is the most powerful to work with. I have dubbed it THE ZONE. It is where I believe miracles are created. It is that place where you are crying or near tears from overwhelming feelings of undiluted joy. I would like to try to incorporate that feeling into a group meditation. I think we all have a favorite piece of music or video that effectively puts us in that state of consciousness. I have also come to understand that when we are just broadcasting LOVE from THE ZONE it radiates for miles and miles in all directions. This is what quickens the awakening of others, without violating the principle of FREE WILL. It is also beneficial in healing our beloved Gaia of all of the abuse she has suffered.

I would also like to use the 11:11 energy, another powerful tool, to the mix. Dawn breaks each day in New Zealand. So, 11:11 New Zealand time is when we should join in this collective endeavor of co-creation. The object is to stay in THE ZONE, in unity, for as long as possible.

Whatever we put forth, in love, as stated by Patricia Cota Robles. The Angelic realm will magnify it 1000 x 1000. Better stated, for every BE’ing participating it will have the power of a million BE’ing’s. That is an incredible amount of power. I would like to do this every Saturday and Sunday at 11:11 New Zealand time. Please join in this collective co-creation beginning Saturday 1/26/2013 and Sunday 1/27/2013 and every weekend thereafter. / link to original article


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