Jerry Seltzer – The Integration Potential Of The Leo-Aquarius Full Moon – 26 January 2013

With Saturday evening’s Full Moon we come to a crux of a decision point. The Full Moon always represents a stage of flowering or maturity of what has come before it in the lunar cycle, as the impulse of the New Moon finds its fulfillment. In this case the Sun and Moon in their opposition make aspects to all the outer planets, and in particular they form a difficult T-square toSaturn, ensuring that if we are wise we will slow down and think everything over at least twice before proceeding. We are also at the very same time paradoxically encouraged to take bold action in support of our dreams, sinceJupiter and Mars are also powerfully configured. Finally, the presence ofChiron in the mix of energies tells us that whatever we do decide, there will be an element of pain involved in our choices.

Chiron is the fulcrum of the lever that brings us into emotional stability in spite of everything, but we do best when we pay careful attention to his teachings, which come to us in the form of triggering of our previous wounding. There are places inside all of us that need to be recognized and accepted as the first step to healing, having been left ignored and neglected in some cases since childhood. We are all, in this era of transformation, coming face to face with our fears as well as our longings, and so the message from inner realms becomes vitally important as we attempt to navigate these troubled waters.

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