Lucas – The Energies Of Transformation At Work – 26 January 2013

big-splashI see the new energies working on us all bringing transformation in moving things forward and sometimes by even going backwards. You will see the need to  transform things and go with the flow forwards. It is what brings so to say for some the experience of  “the good, the bad and the ugly”. It is just a perception. Things can be full of trials and tribulations if you want to perceive it that way and it will show you that what you put out in the field. It is just reflecting mirrors. Oh no do not think others are just reflecting. You are mirroring also!

I see people  going round in their old duality circles and issues.  See that old patterns do not work anymore. Repeating patterns are just like fractals just growing into endless streams till your break the pattern.   I see people seemingly blind to this notice of repeating the old over and over. They often just break up relations for the same old issues they could not get over. They will not work on their issues themselves.  They keep projecting on others what they do themselves and get nasty if this is addressed or mirrored back at them. They are still in the blame game. It is always others that did everything wrong of course.  People get in the victim and victimizer roles that seem to give so much pleasure to those still floating  in their pain, anger, grief, or floating in their victories over, the striving in all and relentless controlling, and manipulating others to get what of do what they want. It is just all you putting it out there.

I observe others seeking to create the new paradigm by using old 3d ways of  doing things to get things working. Better said working for them. It is still not being done from the notice of being one in equality and respect and love for all. It is about having still  self-interest in the back of your mind al the time. You can not be telling others to be one and unite from love unconditionally and or work together and forget conveniently  what it is about. Walk the talk.  You can not be saying to share and work around it by taking from others to share with your group or only yourself. Sharing in the new paradigm is never about only one or a group benefitting from it.  It is about sharing to benefit all from it. The old duality and  money and financial system thought processing is still at work that says me me me and we we we .  The new paradigm is about US all having and sharing the abundance from an unconditional  loving heart.

Nothing is wrong or right as it is just a perception of things. All is just perfection in the moment of now even if you can not perceive it maybe yet as it is. Transformation is coming as it knocks on your door every time. The energies keep coming in to transform. The energies want you to release all that is not beneficial to your new state of being. Those energies ask you to look at all that what you put out there. Transformation asks you to see what you projected and mirrored so you can learn and let go of it.  Transformation asks you to leave the old ways behind even if they are so convenient as they are still deeply rooted in your daily lives. It is easy to get stuck in the old again. See that transformation is about changing into the new from a brand new perspective. It is not reforming the old but starting from a totally new perception in all and from all.

The constant changing in this new paradigm brings about unrest and the feeling of leaving all things behind that where certain or secure.  It is just all an illusion.  Nothing is nor will be the same in constant change. Even sounding contradictory you will see  making yourself free of all those patterns, beliefs, structures, education, upbringing, the attachments you will gain more than you ever thought to have lost. It is the way of knowing with your heart that all that is, is you, and is connected with all as One. It is you knowing to be your lives own creator and co-creator of the new paradigm by finding your way to bring about your hearts activation and connection with source.

So this month and coming months will all still be about working through things in going forward or backwards to go forward. These energies and changes will bring you clarity, and it will bring you your knowledge of what you are, what you want and what it is you will be doing or working towards. Try to keep out of arguments, fights or battles it will not benefit you or anyone. It is about working together from a perspective of being one in unity from unconditional love from 5D perception only. See we all are on our journeys still in this new paradigm together. Do not be harsh on you nor on others. It is already often said “It is just a ride” and make the best of it together. Have compassion, be forgiving and keep foremost loving yourself and others even when times are trying and bring sometimes the worst in us about.  The transformation will bring you though a new paradigm that will be as we create it heaven upon earth.

Love and Light,


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