Sandra Walter – Ascension eCourse – Mastering The Gateways Full Video – 27 January 2013

Uploaded on 26 January 2013 by AscensionIntegration

I AM sharing this complete video from the eCourse to assist with collective clarity. If this material resonates, consider taking the Course or making a donation at ~ Blessings to us all ~ ***Additional notes below***

Apologies to impatient Indigo folks for the long video. This is an act of service, since so many are confused or activating at this moment. Blessings to those who see an hour of free guidance and feel gratitude ~

Here is an outline of the Modules included in the Ascension eCourse:

Module 1 Review of the Ascension process and 2012 timelines
Unit 1 Video: Intro and Review of Galactic energetics
Unit 2 Module 1 PDF of slides

Module 2 Body Vehicle Mastery: Sovereignty and Empowerment
Unit 1 Video: The Body Consciousness
Unit 2 Video: Body Vehicle Mastery
Unit 3 Video: Emotional Clearing
Unit 4 Choosing to Ascend
Unit 5 Q&A call with participants mp3
Unit 6 The Expansion Exercise mp3
Unit 7 Video: Circuit Balancing

Module 3 Activating your higher sensitivities and skills
Unit 1 Video: Higher Senses and Commands
Unit 2 PDF: Daily Commands
Unit 3 Video: Activation of Higher Senses

Module 4 The Light Intelligence of Unconditional Love
Unit 1: Video: Unconditional love
Unit 2: PDF: Worksheets

Module 5 Merging with the Higher Self and I AM presence
Unit 1: Video: Incarnating the Higher Self

Module 6 Crystalline Consciousness
Unit 1Video: Crystalline Consciousness
Unit 2 Crystalline Slides as PDF

Module 7 Sacred Magnetics
Unit 1 Video: Sacred Magnetics

Module 8 Timeline Creation
Unit 1 Video: Timeline Creation
Unit 2 Q&A Call with participants mp3

Module 9 Star Brethren
Unit 1 Video: Star Brethren
Unit 2 New Earth Journey Meditation mp3
Unit 3 Q&A Call with participants mp3

Module 10 Mission and Service
Unit 1 Video: Mission and Service
Unit 2 PDF: Finding your Mission worksheet

Module 11 Portals, Stargates & 121212
Unit 1 Video: Portals and Stargates
Unit 2 Video: Creating a Portal on Gaia
Unit 3 12-12-12 Preparation & Commands  mp3 and PDF
Unit 4 Q&A Call with participants mp3

Module 12 Beyond the I AM Template
Unit 1 Video: Future opportunities for Divine HUmans
Unit 2 Q&A Call with participants mp3

Module 13 Mastery of the Gateway
Unit 1: Video: Mastery of the Gateway
Unit 2: Transcendence, Walking through and Dematerialization

Module 14: Gratitude and Blessings

This is a watch at your own pace online Course available whenever you are ready to take this step in your journey. Recommendations of the Course and details at

In love, light and service,


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