Bella Capozzi – Easing Our Way Into 5th Dimensional Living – 27 January 2013

loveblogSince I began writing, some of the most frequent comments and questions I’ve gotten  are things such as;  What exactly does 5d living feel like?  How do I detach myself from the 3D matrix? How do I apply all of this information to my current circumstances? What am I supposed to actually be doing?    These are excellent questions, and extremely common ones.  I think that most of us already know that we need to be meditating daily (or at least trying to)!  We know that we need to dig deep within ourselves and be really honest about what we find there.  Then we have to look those old programs and attachment in the eye, acknowledge them, address them, thank them for the lessons they’ve taught us. Afterwards, we release their toxic energy to God to be transmuted and, essentially, recycled into something better.  And yes, those steps are all well and good, and most definitely an essential part of our transformational process.  But that aside, how does all of this apply to us in our day to day lives.  How do we apply the new principles to the transitional place we’re living in now.  We have to figure out how to integrate them into our jobs, our communities  and our everyday human interactions.

I’ve decided to share with you my own ideas about the process.  Please take note that I said “my own.”  This is based on my  personal experiences and observations, and it’s the manner by which I’ve chosen to do things.  I  know my way won’t resonate with everyone, but I’m hoping that it helps those for whom it does feel right.  Remember, everybody’s journey is unique!  Everyday can feel utterly and completely different than the one before, and such is the nature of the game.  It’s all part of the lesson;  can we roll with the punches and flow with the tide (or in this case, the wildly shifting energies).

So, to begin, the first thing I’d like you to ask yourself is:  “Do I practice what I preach?”

What I mean by this is that we all, as Lighworkers, Wayshowers and such, are writing and speaking and teaching about the following concepts;  non-judgement, kindness, patience, love, open-mindedness, turning the other cheek, generosity, acceptance, and so much more.  And for those who are new to this type of material, what I’ve described here are the fundamental qualities of Unity Consciousness.  We are gradually moving into a world where eventually, these attributes will be the societal norm.  But it’s imperative that we don’t just talk about them, but that we put them into play within our daily lives.  Just like any other skill, it will take practice.  We aren’t expected to get it all at once, but what I believe is that Spirit wishes us to at least start trying.

My advice is to start small.  For example, the next time you disagree with a post on Facebook, try ignoring it instead of leaving a scathing reply.  Turn the other cheek, right?  If you must respond, do it politely.  (There’s nothing wrong with engaging in an informed, healthy debate.)  Agree to disagree.  Same principle applies when someone cuts you off in traffic, edges in front of you in the checkout line, critiques your work, or when the telemarketers call.  When you see your elderly neighbor struggling to carry her groceries into the house, please, for goodness sake, help her.  Honor your friendships.  Accept your friends’ quirks and eccentricities as endearing parts of who they are.  Don’t make fun of people.  Smile and be nice.  As you protest and try to right the wrongs of society, do so in a non-violent and educated manner, and allow for the Universe to step in and assist you.  Graciously permit  Divine Timing to play out, without constant complaint.  In other words, as the saying goes, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.“  Live it. Learn it. Embrace it.

I know it’s not always easy to do this.  It’s only natural that even the most practiced of us will have our moments!  And even if you don’t truly feel it yet, you have to make yourself do it.  Practice really does make perfect.  Therefore, whenever you feel a negative response coming up-bite it back.  Suppress it and force yourself to say something nice, or at least, something neutral.  Or maybe say nothing at all.  Stop to help another person, even if you’re in a hurry or you don’t really feel like it.  Know that the people who annoy or attack you may very well be at a different level of spiritual development than you are, and that they were probably put in your path so that they could learn from you and be affected by your energy.  If you do these things enough times, they’ll become second nature, and you will wonder how you ever functioned any other way.  That old, 3D way of doing things will be nothing but a memory, and an unrelateable one at that.   Fake it ’til you make it?  Well, sort of.  But don’t fake it.  Try really, really hard to feel it and to make it your truth.  If you faithfully practice and embody the principles of 5D living, then you will by default detach from your old, negative programming.  You will automatically fall off that crumbling, old matrix, as these newly refined qualities cannot exist there.  This the most basic, fundamental stuff.

Does it sound to simplistic?  Well, it is simple.  That’s the beauty of the way things are to be done on the New Earth.  So have confidence in your innate ability to master these concepts.  God made you fabulous.  Now it’s time to get out there and let the whole world see it!

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