Judge Dale – And The Rest Will Take Care Of Itself – 27 January 2013

cartoon_treasurersreport“Money is the root of all evil,” (1 Timothy 6:10). I am not a religious man; a fanatic or philosopher by any stretch of the imagination and yet I admire how prophetic and profound this phrase has proven to be, as evidenced by mans excessive love for money; possessions and the political and moral history of human civilization.

Ironically, the only thing that money cannot buy is poverty, but then who wants poverty? You can’t even give it away and yet excessive wealth is responsible for it all and much more. It’s almost paradoxical!

Essentials such as food; clothing; shelter and transportation all have an inherent worth and dollar value assigned to them and whom will provide and supply any of these commodities for free? Sounds totally heartless but perfectly logical and yet my Galactic contact inquired: “Why do you need money?”

Another paradox because my friend certainly wouldn’t be asking that question of me if the Galactics used money, but if they don’t, what fuels their initiative and commerce?
I thought I would be clever and responded to his question with a question: So, why don’t you need money? Instead of a definitive response, the answer I received was: “You are immortal and know the answer to that question!” Don’t you just hate when that happens; isn’t it enough that I can hear voices?

I learned from our previous discussions with my Galactic friend, that all human beings possess the God spark, which was defined as intelligent energy; the energy of creation; the energy to create; the root of immortality and that only the physical organic body I incarnated into, is limited by time and fate.

Rather than appear imbecilic, I deduced that all I need to do is to concentrate on the question, “Why do you need money?” and perhaps the answer will convalesce.

(This is me convalescing) ~ Courtesy of the bourgeois class [royal and elite] money has always been apart of our indoctrination and three dimensional belief system, as an essential element to sustain life. And excessive wealth is historically rewarded with great privilege; status; leisure and opulence. Just how much privilege; status; leisure and opulence can one human tolerate?

As evidenced by the bourgeois families of the world, excessive wealth, status; leisure and opulence eventually leads to great boredom and excessive boredom leads to sociopathic behavior. [i.e.] “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop” and “Dog eats dog, analogies come to mind!”

Man’s two most valuable assets is his mental acuity and his labor, which is taken for granted by the least acuitous of man, the bourgeois, who in turn establish their own personal value and worth for our assets, and the reason we permit this to happen is because, they control the money!

We regard the bourgeois class as inherently intelligent because of their excessive wealth but history as proven that, wealth and intelligence are not synonymous!
So let’s suppose that all the wealth of the world has finally been confiscated in the name of humanity and half was divided proportionately, to the tune of one billion dollars per person and the other half placed in trust for future generations!

Now we have all instantly attained this bourgeois status of excessive wealth; privilege; leisure and opulence however a new problem now exists! The problem is that we cannot enjoy our new found status because there no longer exists any inititive by others to provide the service and labor that embellishes our new found status and so we all end up back at square one, serving ourselves and or serving others out of love; kindness and the pride of accomplishment!

Is that why my Galactic friend asked: “Why do you need money?” Was he actually inquiring about why we required some physical commodity to motivate our most basic instincts and talents?

Apparently, this bourgeois status thing has all been just an illusion -or- a cruel practical joke played on us all along! And apparently the only solution to break us free from this indoctrination and belief system is to make everyone an instant billionaire and the rest will take care of itself!

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