Lucas – The Invert Vortex From 21 December 2012 – Starting The New – 27 January 2013

vortexsphereSince the 21st December 2012 shift we are now in an integrating and changing phase that is necessary to get clear what you are, what you can do and what you can be and create in this new paradigm. After the shift  mother earth and humanity are in 5D. Yes 5D.  This is perceived different by everyone as it is  linked to your own vibrational frequency level in the moment of now. You have the chance to move on if you can. The energies coming still in, bring possibilities for you to transform and transcend.  You can always descend as some choose to. Some feel so comfortable with the old that they choose to stay in that perception even if they are already in 5D.

The 21st December 2012 ended vortex now is inverting into a 5D new vortex that now created already different “timelines”. It is the creating of what we collectively and personally set out in the stream of creation in 5D.  The inverted vortex brings about not one but multiple new reality (possible) timelines. There are still those amongst us that still want to experience the total collapse and Armageddon. If they create it for themselves it will become true for them.  Also those still staying in the duality cycles projecting them in 4D and not wanting to see the answer is still found within themselves to transform are creating now their own realities, collective and personally.  The group real 5D creators are going through with creation  of the new reality in 5D.

Unity and oneness seems to have so many different meanings for the 3D/4D perceivers of our 5D reality, they see it still as conditional.  You can not walk the talk if you are just still having 3D/4D as your basis to make things work for you in 5D. Being honest and truthful to yourself and loving yourself first is necessary will you learn to really be loving others and create from a real 5D perspective. You will get this 5D perception  if you go within and open and activate your heart. Then you will be knowing your real connecting to source and unconditional love and unity.  Perceptions are now strong and thoughts can manifest and bring you into new timelines or bring about new ways that you  maybe did not want to create or be in.  Be aware of that.

So get creating the new carefully watching where you are, what you do and watch your thoughts to be pure and clean as you wanna create from the heart not the mind. Know you always can create another reality but you first have to get this concept of 5D before you will. I only say there is so much spiritual help around from people, your guardian angels, guides and you can find so much information on the net that you can make these transforming energies work for you.  Still it is your choice what you will do and where you go. So do not wonder about the now happening chaotic and strange shifts in yourself and eratic behaviour of people. They can act up, end things, or go even back in their old ways and go back to unresolved issues. It is all what you can see happening now.

Our new 5D dimensional vortex brings new things about in a very fast way. We grow into the new 5D after all the integration and resolving work we still need to do on a deeper level as we did before the 21st December 2012. It is deep embedded stuff that needs to be cleared, let go of and be transformed.  Clarity will come. Whatever happens stop doubting your feelings and intuition, follow your heart. Know your guided by source to do that what is needed or experience that what you needed to. Know there is no right or wrong, just perceptions. Deep unconscious hidden things can pop up and make you lose track, put you out of balance, or get into emotions and let you go back to old habits.  It is alright, come out of it fast and get back into your heart and balance.  Fear and duality  perceptions you still hold onto will also be addressed in your dreams. It is all clearing and healing. Some will see their 5D buddies in groups  in their dreams, to discus and create things.

5D vibrational people will likely go to create new paradigm creations and be the first to newly set up working 5D realities.  Communities will build in 5D and even those in 4D will try to build also their communities but with the 3D/4D level thought form still attached to it. Things will move on fast now so be ware of the ever incoming energies.  Be also aware of you not wandering of to timeline creations and possibilities you do not want to be in.  The invert vortex makes the spreading of new time lines upwards 5D (*even if we can not speak of time anymore) through the spiral happening and in time it will become more difficult to switch to other timelines. Timelines will mature and get stronger by those carrying the collective basis of this timeline.  Within those timelines there are also the personal timelines and creations you have brought forward.

We all got already into 5D  but some still not think to experience anything. They do not see we are those that create our own realities ourselves, collectively (in groups) or as planet as a whole.  It is not created for you.  Get creating real 5D reality that has no boundaries in the field of creation.  It is about real unity from unconditional love.  It is also not brought forward in 3D or 4D ways.  5D can not be duality based. That is what the duality cycle ceased to exist.  See what you came here to learn in this time and now you can use your knowledge of duality to your advantage in the new paradigm.  You know now how it is not done. You know now how to not to be in or create from duality.  So you graduated. The experience of darkness  learned you what light is.  Now experience that lightbeing creator you are in full in the field of unity from the heart connected to source in 5D.

Love and Light,


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