Bill Ballard – More Intense Clearing Of The Past Going On – 5D House Cleaning – 28 January 2013

Uploaded on 28 jan 2013 by pearls2u

There is some major Karma being cleared right now by so many of us. That which is coming up seems to be things we have released before as we went through our personal releasing to hold higher frequencies and Light Quotient for our ascension initiation prior to now. I am hearing this from so many persons who are higher initiates, but having a similar experience as I have had these past days. I believe that what we are experiencing is thought projections coming from those we have had previous life experiences with, the other persons who may now be waking up and reviewing what they have done, in order to clear themselves to hold higher frequencies and LIGHT Quotient. As they review and clear it seems to be thought projections about OUR previous experiences we are feeling again. If we had cleared it, then why would it be coming up again for us to experience? It is my feeling that those other persons are waking up, and thinking about those things we experienced together, realizing and being sorry for what was done… This must happen for all who are remaining on Earth for New 5D Earth… What a ride! LOVE!

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