Lucas – Just A Fact That Should Say Enough About The War Instigated In Mali – 28 January 2013

goldbarsI have every time said to look at the bigger picture and see what  is played out even with great loss of life by instigating wars,  via black ops, or plain robbery, fraud or via super soldiers, mind control.  Human rights or unalienable rights of people are not an issue in this. Mali is just the next in line of being part of this said story. A war over religion it has become in the media and for the people, but the real reason for this war,  the gold and other natural resources, is not mentioned. Mali is the third largest gold producer in Africa. After South-Africa and Ghana, Mali is producing about 54 tones of gold per year. 

Mali’s  gold is found  just in the border region between Mali and Senegal. Who own the gold mining companies in Mali?  Who will benefit from this Gold in Mali? Is this gold maybe ceased to control mining and the gold to repay or replace gold that needs to be given back? Does Basel III not require partial value backing of the money in circulation with precious metals like gold?

It seems all those answers to these questions researched on the internet will give you fast enough other insides in the Mali war and who is responsible for those atrocities.

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You should remember Libya and the gold of Gaddafi. The gold from Gaddafi was intended to build a new currency for Africa. I reported on that also. Where did the gold end up?

Here are some answers:

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