Sophia Love – A Gift From One – Music – 28 January 2013

MusicLanguage3We are altering our very structure.  There are no parts of us that will remain unchanged.  We cannot learn this.  We cannot even practice for this.  We can either accept and allow or resist and challenge; yet we cannot stop.  We came to do this.

The naming conventions don’t matter – multi-dimensional, 4D, 5D, angelic or enlightened.  We are One, gradually and instantaneously morphing into expanded versions of the selves we have come to know.  Limited only by belief, our possibilities are without bounds.  It is love, intent and this moment now that facilitate our BEing.

Music is a language without words.  It reaches our core, creating the setting and tools for seamless comprehension.  Put on your headphones and relax.  We’ve been gifted Now with a musical journey from AWAKEning to BEcoming.  This is a gift from Off World, selected for us.  It is included here exactly as received.

You are encouraged to listen more than once.  Allow it to resonate within, feel the vibrations, the changes and absorb them into your BEing.  The resonance and tones will facilitate the metamorphosis.  The entire group will be posted here after today:

We are BEcoming, in each moment of now.  The fullness and depth of this shift is experienced within as we are moved and carried along on this profound journey Home.  Home is where Agape rests.  We are free.  This is the place we have always been headed.

We are the Ones we are waiting for.

Enjoy this musical ride…….. ♥ ♥ ♥

(links included within the text, each music video posted below, in succession)

Right from the point of Awakening

Uploaded 25 January 2013 by amazing207

The Path to Freedom from fear, control, instincts is not easy, but it is well possible!

Uploaded 29 July 2010 by MissSylvie90

Throw away every thought You are having, every memory in Your mind and when there is nothing inside, just let go and lift off being weightless!

Uploaded 3 April 2012 by TwoStepsFromTheMusic

And in the end remember the Promise made long ago

Uploaded 14 May 2011 by CapeTranquillity

There is a place in Heaven, where we are living now

Uploaded 4 February 2011 by EpicStepsFromHell

And once we were Angels here

Uploaded 4 September 2012 by ThePrimeCronus

Thus Angels shall we become again!

Uploaded 23 October 2012 by MusicKaira1

I know I was giving this beautiful sooner to You, with a purpose

All different composers, yet are Connected in One

☼A gift from One and me to You and Humanity in form of music for the Living Code☼ / / link to original article


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