Visionkeeper – Spirals – 28 January 2013

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While reading all over the internet lately about everyone’s struggle with feeling as if they are going nowhere, stuck and spinning in continual circles, I sat back and thought about how we could look upon this time in a positive light. There is no dispute these are intensely trying times and there is a great demand upon our patience with the challenges set before us, but what if we were to look at these times from a spiral point of view? Here is the spiritual definition of a spiral.

Spiral – The Spiral, which is the oldest symbol known to be used in spiritual practices, reflects the universal pattern of growth and evolution. The spiral represents the goddess, the womb, fertility and life force energy. Reflected in the natural world, the Spiral is found in human physiology, plants, minerals, animals, energy patterns, weather, growth and death. The Spiral is a sacred symbol that reminds us of our evolving journey in life. When used as a personal talisman, the Spiral helps consciousness to accept the turnings and changes of life as it evolves. The acceptance of change is one of the greatest freedoms a human can experience, putting consciousness in the present moment where the power of creation is condensed. On a larger scale, using this symbol assures all beings are reminded of their inward and outward evolution, a balanced and centered state of mind. On water, it carries the power to flow and change.

Perhaps we are not really spinning in circles going nowhere, but rather we are continuing to spiral within our own evolution of being. It says that our acceptance of change is one of our greatest freedoms and I totally agree. We hear from everywhere the cry for freedom, so let us take on the challenge of freeing ourselves, and we can begin with our acceptance that our lives are changing and learn to go with the flow in any given moment. That acceptance includes learning to be patient when things seem to stall, for perhaps we are not stalled at all, but rather we are moving through the center area of the spiral where space is tight and we must go slow, before we move upwards again towards the top.

Like the ebb and flow of the ocean we go forward and back, forward and back, but each time we do we have moved further ahead into the spiral. Perhaps we are now slowed in the center of the spiral which says to me we are closest together as a whole as well and in being so close together our power is mighty. It is time to stop this incessant 3D expectation roller coaster so many have been on hoping for change to arrive and money to be handed out. All of that thinking is distracting us dangerously away from our purpose and our mission. The only way we will overcome our situation is through ourselves, yet we continually give that power away when we get swept up in the promises of being saved from OUTSIDE of ourselves!

I think there is still a huge balking by light workers in accepting the cold hard fact that it is our responsibility as a whole to bring about the change we desire. There may be things going on behind the scenes which hold great promise and that is greatly encouraging, but let us not sit back and wait for it to come to pass. Look upon it as part of the solution, but realize and remember we are the majority of the solution and it is up to each of us to be aware that we must continue on striving to free ourselves and eventually all of humanity. It is natural to get caught up in 3D traps still as we have lived in 3D our entire lives, but we are not in 3D any longer now and we need to watch what we are doing very carefully. If we feel stalled perhaps we have gotten swallowed up in 3D thinking again and we need to extricate ourselves quickly.

There is no way around the fact that it is we who must change individually first before the whole world will experience change. We cannot avoid the work we must do within, to put it off is only prolonging what we wish to see for our world. So let us be willing to spiral inwards to do our work. I don’t think it is a coincidence that ‘inwards’ on the spiral is where we are closest and most powerful, because our power is born out of our knowing and our connection with ourselves, that is where the answers lie to all of our dilemmas in life.

Blessings to us all,

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