Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Wonder Of Wonders – 29 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

I have assigned My heart to you. I have assigned My Will to you. What else is left for Me to assign to you?

I assigned Heaven to you, and I assigned Earth. Do you struggle against your God-given assignments? Truly, would you refuse Me? Truly, would you say to Me: “Well, God, perhaps another time.” Would you say, “God, I’m not quite ready. This isn’t the most convenient time for me.” Would you say to Me: “God, it’s too hard to be alive on Earth. There are things like difficulties, and I would prefer to be in pure bliss.”

I would smile at you and laugh. I would say: “Beloved, you are in mid-stream. Would you quit in the middle? Look at how far you have come. Look at all the people you know. Look at how you have grown. Look at how much you have learned and how much you have accomplished.”

And then I would tell you: “You have almost reached all you want to reach. You are almost at the top of the mountain. Beloveds, you are so close. Now it is for you to smile and laugh and tell Me that all is okay, maybe even fine when you think about it. Even if you can’t say that all is wonderful, can you not stay the mile? Will you finish your contract with Me and not back out? Will you see it through? Have joy rather than discouragement. You have just about reached the shore of Heaven. Rest in the sure knowledge that you are ready to leap over all that you imagine holds you back. Sing a happy tune, beloveds. Do a little dance. Swing your arms and say Hurray to life.

“You are not at the end of your rope, not by a long shot. You are flying higher than you know. It just doesn’t feel all golden to you – not yet. Hang on, and you will see wonders that befall. You don’t want to miss it. This is not a time to give up. This is a time to move forward as though your feet had wings. Certainly, your heart has wings. Certainly, your heart can take you anywhere. There isn’t anything you can’t be or do or fulfill.

“In any case, the job is about done. From then on, smooth sailing. Wonder of wonders, you are that culmination of all you desire. Of course, now, at this point, you may desire different things from what you once desired, that’s okay, isn’t it?

“In some ways now, you seek less. You are not so avid to seek when you realize all you have received. You begin to realize that you have everything! That is the joker! You are already fulfilled. You are already at the apex which you had once seen as so far away. Now it is in your hands. Now you can kiss life and love it, for it never was a stranger to you. Life has always been a marvelous array of shapes and colors and beautiful undertakings. You have no burden to carry. It has dawned on you that you carry nothing but love, and love is something. Love to give and love to receive is what your heart cries for.

“A few more lazy steps, and you reap the crop you so long ago planted, so is it in the land of time and space. Your perspective is gaining. You used to say quite often: ‘Oh, where did time go?’ And now when you say those words, they have an entirely different meaning. You may still be able to read your watch and tell time, yet time will not be telling. Time was always fleeting, and now you will see that it has gone, gone, gone. No more time to lead you around by the nose. No more space to get stuck in.

“Wow, you are almost a freewheeling God Being that knows no boundaries and knows no attachments, for, of course, when all is love, what on Earth or in Heaven is there to attach to?” link to original article

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