Lisa Gawlas – The Merging, The Clearing, The Fire Within! – 29 January 2013

fire-birdIt’s a good thing I live and thrive in the “weird and strange” zone, because yesterday was every bit of that, from the moment I got out of bed.  When I sat down at my computer yesterday morning to share my mornings understandings, suddenly my lungs decided they needed to purge some (a lot) of phlegm.  Granted I am a smoker, but I never ever hack like I did yesterday and constantly spewing up lung content (phlegm.)  But for close to a full half hour, I couldn’t even type for the hacking.  However, in-between the coughing I did manage to drink yesterdays coffee (I always leave a cup of coffee from the day before so I don’t have to wait in the morning for my first cup) well… seems my body decided to kick in the gag reflex too at the end of my first coffee and what went in, came straight out, over and over again until there was nothing left in my stomach to bring up.

After all that ruckus inside, I was perfectly fine, well, mostly.  The sinuses stepped in for the next few hours, but so mild compared to my mornings eruption within!!

I was able to write my sharing with such a lighter note and for the 3-4 hours I was writing, I was pretty fine inside.  Then, about 20 minutes before my first scheduled reading, I felt it.  My brains started to collapse.  What the hell?  When I finally connected to him, all I had seen was my own antenna spinning in the field like it was a high-powered fan!  Then, my internet just completely crashed and that ended that.  Just shit!

Next came my second reading, I actually started feeling my brain waves again… phew…. good??

I was able to “see” her… well… pretty much! I seen the very top of her crystal ball sphere of heart energy and just out in front of that were 5 tweeting blue birds.  They were flying steady at the top area of her crystal ball, two behind two then one in the back.  I could hear the field refer to them as the “Blue Birds of Happiness” and I had to look at the number, FIVE, a number of change.  But I also have to look at the alignment as well, two (duality) behind two (duality) then one (new beginnings.)  It really is only this morning that I fully realize the alignment of her birds of happiness.  But I will get to that in a moment.

When it comes to the image, the power of the crystal ball, keep in mind this is your inner heart field or inner torus energy.  It runs from your throat chakra area down to your solar plexus, creating a confluence of soul, heart and Self expression as one creating field of energy.

I realized the reason I was only able to see the top of her energy field was because the rest was still completing itself.  When I had told her that, she said she just started this path with dedication last year!  Well, talk about working overtime!!

So I decided to pull her biology into my kitchen to see what that looks like.  Her body as well as any aspect of her torus was equally in a state of change.  I could feel the energy in my kitchen, but could not see it as “something.”  However!!  I did see her big ole green serpent energy just behind her as it was making its way to ignite her root chakra.  I know what means!!  Kundalini explosion!  Seems to be hitting a lot of folks these days (big grin.)

So we discussed Kundalini and even tho it is the most intense sexual energy your body has ever felt, it has nothing to do with sex.  No ravaging her husband during this time!! She understood.

This morning I really get the significance of the blue birds in her (throat chakra area) in relationship to her whole reading.  The energy of kundalini, which is pure soul energy, when integrated and utilized for all it is meant to harness, breaks thru duality like nothing else can or Will.  She has done enough work within herself to bring this magic into its fullness and the integration will blast thru her own Self expression, Self experience with duality  illusion.  There are two rows of two… duality within the Self and the other half of that integration process of Kundalini, integration of the Wholeness… leads to new beginnings on a WHOLE level.

I am just soooo excited for her, and the many others going thru this intense and beautiful integration process.

My next reading for the day, I was at a complete loss to understand… or maybe better stated, to connect to.   Way off in the horizon of the West field, I caught a image of a rising sun.  The more I looked at it (it was not easy to connect to, which alone is odd, I am a sun baby) it became an image of a sun (not the actual sun energy itself.)  I was squinting my antenna to see it more clearly.  And it created a form that looked just like this:


At first, there was no face, the more I tried to understand its meaning in her field, an eye emerged, then another eye, then a smile.  Like someone was drawing the face on the sun.  OMG, I sooo get this now!!

Considering how incredibly ”real” the readings are getting, I am really expecting one day to walk out my back door and you are actually there in your display of Light (which would be both freaky and fun!!)  With this sun, I could not connect to it, I couldn’t feel its energy, its purpose of meaning, I heard not a single thing in reply to all of my questions.  There was not a single image in her field I could see or connect to other than this hand drawn image of a sun.  And yet, only 30 minutes prior, I was getting all kinds of connections and feelings.  But given the weirdness of this ongoing day, I figured it had to be me.  We rescheduled.

This lady is a beautiful young woman I have been reading for, for a while.  She had fallen into the “reschedule zone” for two months now… and this is what we get??  She is from another country, another way of life (outside of my own in the USA) where parents influence and desire is strong.  Of course, her parents, like so many loving and caring parents want her to go to University.  She had invested 2 years in that university and her heart is just not interested in continuing… and yet, she equally has no idea what to do beyond that to create her own financial flow.  When I talked with her yesterday, she is going back to the University.  This is her parents sun, not hers.

I am just going to leave that at that…. for now.

So my fourth and final connection of the day… There was my lovely lady, huge crystal ball energy and the most giant-sized (at least 6 foot – 2 meters) intensely green frog suctioned to the west side of her crystal ball.  What the hell????  Did I stumble and bump my antenna somewhere today?

This frog had a hold of her entire energy field, of the entire reading!!  Geez Louise!!  But we came to understand this frog is an aspect of her Self!  Her own divine messenger that is standing between her heart field and her harvested energy of creation and he is not budging (nor telling me a thing) until she connects with him and creates the inner bond needed to “leap into new directions.”  Thank goodness she is an avid meditator and easily was able to connect with her amazing green frog aspect.  (She wrote me later in the day to give me her entire, wonderful, heart wrenching, but so needed, meditation details with her new found friend of change!!)

Now to completely change the subject… but not really (smile.)

In my own wonderful state of weirdness yesterday, knowing deep inside, something huge just released itself thru my morning… something… just done but had no clue what.  In between my readings I was on facebook and seen Bill Ballards post/sharing for the day.  Every wheel and cog of my own inner space started tumbling. Holy shit!!  I finally completely and absolutely understand my whole January experience.

Let me share his (Bill Ballards) wisdom first… both what he had written out (because that was what hit me, I rarely have enough internet juice to stream any sort of video’s these days.  But I am also going to include his video that goes with what he has written out… just cuz I love watching his energy and his joy in sharing (still working on hearing his whole video.)

There is some major Karma being cleared right now by so many of us. That which is coming up seems to be things we have released before as we went through our personal releasing to hold higher frequencies and Light Quotient for our ascensioninitiation prior to now. I am hearing this from so many persons who are higher initiates, but having a similar experience as I have had these past days. I believe that what we are experiencing is thought projections coming from those we have had previous life experiences with, the other persons who may now be waking up and reviewing what they have done, in order to clear themselves to hold higher frequencies and LIGHT Quotient. As they review and clear it seems to be thought projections about OUR previous experiences we are feeling again. If we had cleared it, then why would it be coming up again for us to experience? It is my feeling that those other persons are waking up, and thinking about those things we experienced together, realizing and being sorry for what was done… This must happen for all who are remaining on Earth for New 5D Earth…
What a ride!

Uploaded 28 January 2013 by pearls2u

It is sooo funny, like when we are presented with any sort of illness or discomfort, the first thing we do is ask “whats wrong with me” what do I need to work on now!!  Never thinking (at least for me, until my whole cancer journey) whats right with me.

Same with those wonderful and constant pesky relationship things.  I keep asking myself, what more can I do to release all of this… how can it come back out of the clear blue without any prompting at all… except for a freakin strange song!!  I had thought, really really felt I got to an OK place in me about all this… harmony and stuff.  I would have never in a million years thought… what if they are working thru their stuff, their connections of yesterday.

His sharing hit home like a heat seeking missile!!  No wonder why all of a sudden… there is nothing but joy, love, remembrance without any restrictions.

God I so love this journey.  I love each and every one of you who equally bring me to a higher realization and start my cogs a turning!!

Together, we are ONE and we are sooooo STRONG cuz we are connected by the power and gravity of LOVE!!

((((HUGZ))) filled with Hallelujah’s sung madly and passionately by the angels called US!!

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