Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Life Is Coming Up Roses – 30 January 2013

gods20handGod said:

Life is coming up roses! Do you feel it? Do you feel roses rife in life right around the corner? This thought makes you happy, doesn’t it? Well, then, keep thinking it. Who can feel down-hearted thinking of life coming up roses? And love coming up roses, too! The whole world, personal and universal, is coming up roses! A special delivery is on its way to you and to the person next to you and across from you. This is a universal special delivery.

Get ready! Get your arms ready to enfold all the blessings coming your way. All the roses are well on their way. Pay attention to where you’re walking so that you don’t trip over the roses. Actually, it would be fine to trip over all the roses that are ready to cascade on you. You will love lying down among the roses. As you would make angel wings in the snow, so will you make angel wings on the roses, or you will look just like an angel. You will have the fullness of heart of an angel and, so, be an angel.

Is not the scent of the roses already wafting its way to you? Do you see how powerful your thoughts are? Look, beloveds, thoughts can make you well, and thoughts can make you ill, do you agree? Or do you feel that your life is apart from your thoughts? Perhaps you feel that life is like a swaggering pirate that takes your thoughts from you and compounds them from you. Yet, if life were a swaggering pirate, at least admit that your thoughts have some connection to the unruliness of such a pirate.

Better to think of life as an interpreter of your thoughts and feelings. Life means to be beneficent and give you back the tenor of your own thoughts. Life is not trying to get you. Life feels bound to give you what you cry for. Not that life doesn’t want to give you all roses. Before you get petulant with life, remember that life also gives you miracles. Life always wants to. Life wants to be Superman who lifts you up and carries you over tall buildings. By your thoughts, beloved, you have also attracted miracles to you. By your heart and by the grace of God.

Now, this brings up a point. I have suggested that you not be tied to results of your thoughts and actions. You cannot keep count, beloveds. Life may be a wanderer, yet you cannot keep tabs on life and ask for an accounting.

Now, here’s the difference how We may see things. You see catastrophe. You see good, yet you also see bad. You believe that time is of the essence. Therefore, you protest. Therefore, you think life is obliged to give you something right now, that life is obliged to return a loved one to you, for example. You are sure that life had no right to take someone or something or an opportunity away from you. You think it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you must have it, and you must have it this minute.

But, never mind all this now, for life has a happy turn of events for you. Life has been growing gardens of roses just for you. Life is quite an enricher of the soil. Life looks for great seeds and finds them and plants them. Life has the ribbons ready. You are going to be surrounded by roses, and everyone else is too. You will be quick to leave old thoughts behind you. You will be quick to leap up and give so many roses to others who may have been as uncertain as you that a world of roses would ever be delivered to their door in this world.

Do you hear the sounds of the wagons full of roses as angels just like you wheel them down the road? Do you hear the wheels coming closer? Why, beloveds, you will see the roses reflected in the yellow sun and blue sky. Roses will be everywhere. Rosiness will be everywhere, and the lame will dance, and the voiceless will sing, and the world will rejoice. / link to original article

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