RemovingTheShackles – D – Collective Imagination Show Last Night – Wow! – 30 January 2013

shacklesI’m sorry that I didn’t get to post an update in time to let you all know about the Collective Imagination radio show last night- it was another usual insane evening for me, lol.

If you haven’t listened to the show yet, Please DO!!!  Heather concurred with all of us that it’s time to rip the bandaid off!!!!  The energy of the show was amazing- The energy of it was enough to wake up friends in Europe in the middle of the night!  Not kidding.

I’m hoping that our ever expanding transcription team will have this have this  show written up asap.  The energy was so high that we had a perfectly clear line to Heather without so much as a bobble- and THAT has never happened before!

On a personal note: I woke up this morning with an intense amount of energy and guidance as to the next step of the journey.  We are going to move ahead with creating our own media outlet.  If YOU want to help us DO this, and you have any experience in web design, media, etc… please let me know in an email so that we can really pull this team together!

huge amount of love for all of you!


Link to blog talk radio show  /  link to original article

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