Ron Van Dyke – Boundaries, When Separation Serves Us – 30 January 2013

Uploaded  on 30 January 2013 by Ron Van Dyke I have often said that separation is the only true illusion, most recently in my last couple videos. However, living in a material world also establishes boundaries. While it is true that we all live in a common energy field I’ll call Spirit, we cannot physically intermingle with everyone else in that field. You see, the field is a free will zone, at least on Earth and other planets of material existence. It would not serve us, nor our highest good, if we could not separate ourselves from those having a different purpose, a different agenda. It’s the same in our bodies. Our organs function synergetically as a team; yet they do not mix with each other. There is differentiation. The heart and the brain are physically separated, as are all the other organs. The same is true in society. Varying segments of the social order have differing roles to play, separate roles. The awakening of unity consciousness, our new paradigm, recognizes this and also the fact of our interconnectedness. Today I hope to explore how separation serves us for your consideration.

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