AmericanKabuki – Michael Tellinger – South Africa : Our Countries Are Corporations – 31 January 2013

ubuntu-largeFrom: Michael Tellinger

Sent: 31 January 2013 02:07 AM

To: Lynton

Subject: Our Coutries Are Corporations

Our countries are registered as corporations. What does that make us – Trading stock?

Dear Lynton

Part of discovering our human origins is discovering some sobering and shocking information that we do net expect. It is up to us to be strong in our conviction to get as close to the truth as possible. The path that brought us here as a species is not only filled with lies and deception of unimaginable proportion, but also with continuous manipulation of the human race that goes back thousands of years. When I started researching human origins some 30 years ago, I never imagined that it would bring me to this juncture, where the sum of our knowledge crosses over and paints a new picture of our turbulent past, and present.

The legal system we embrace today is a product of this manipulation and has eveolved over thousands of years of careful structuring by those who make the rules, for the benefit of those who make the rules. It has nothing to do with justice for the people – but everything to do with keeping the people under control. The email below was written to the South Africa government on the 18th January 2013 asking for clarification on the registration of our country as a corporation. The questions will make the ramifications of this self explanatory and will make us realise how we have been conned by those we thought were our elected leaders, who have sworn to serve us, and to do the best they can for the people of the country.

What the leaders do when they are sworn in, is to swear to do the best they can for the CORPORATION called REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA.

I also include two YouTube links:

1) The opening speech in my first court appearance against the banks in SA. Click HERE

2) The UBUNTU presentation from the first public meeting in Durban SA on 3 Nov 2012. Click HERE

Open letter and enquiry from the UBUNTU Party         DATE: 18 Jan 2013

TO:  Sibusiso Xaba, the Director General of Arts & Culture – Republic Of South Africa

10th Floor, Kingsley Centre, 481Stanza Bopape

Cnr Steve Biko & Pretorius Streets Arcadia – Tel: 012 441 3027

RE: The registration of the corporation called “REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA”.

Dear Mr Xaba.

In our effort to bring absolute freedom and liberty to all the people of South Africa, especially on the economic front, it has come to our attention that our country “REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA” is registered as a corporation on the US Securities Exchange, among other well recognised corporations like Anglo American, Old Mutual, ABSA and Standard Bank. Please click on the following link to verify this:

We need urgent information and answers to the following questions to be able to accurately advise the people of South African about their rights and their relationship to this corporation.

We require to view or to obtain a certified copy of the original registration document, founding statement and title deed of this corporation called REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA.

Who authorised that the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA was to be registered as such and why?

Who is the CEO of this corporation.

Who is the accounting officer and what financial statement does it produce?

What are the assets of this corporation?

Are these assets traded by this corporation – if so, how and where, and who is accountable for trading these assets?

Who are the shareholders of the corporation and how are they appointed?

What is the relationship of the people of South Africa to this corporation called REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA.

Is there any agreement between the people and/or citizens of South Africa and the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA? If so, where are those agreements and when were they entered into?

Do the people of South Africa have any obligations to this corporation, and if so do they have the right to renounce such obligation?

Since our BILL OF RIGHTS and our constitution, as well as the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights strictly forbids any form of slavery or forced servitude, what rights do the people who live in the land referred to as South Africa have, to cut all their ties and any responsibility to this corporation that they did not even know existed?

What is the relationship between this corporation called THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA and the GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA?

We require your urgent attention and response to this within 7 (seven) days, as this matter has severe implications to the liberties and economic freedoms of all the people who live in this land, called South Africa.

In pure truth

Michael of the family Tellinger

Founder of the UBUNTU Party  / link  to original article / link to article

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