Bill Ballard – Heart Chakra Activation – Amplifying Your Bliss and LIGHT – 31 January 2013

Uploaded on 31 January 2013 by pearls2u These past days many persons are asking me about Heart Chakra Activation and Anchoring. I have posted on this in other videos but since this was the 144th video of my YouTube Series, I felt it a perfect time to speak of that again. Focusing your LOVE on your exterior, like Reiki does, but in a sexual play, projecting your energies and intent toward another amplifies and reflects that LOVE back to you and into your field. Yes, an other who is attuned can experience this sexual sensation from anywhere, and I’m not talking self arousal…. but telepathic receiving of the energies and intent you send… Find another person who will play and try it… Ya Might Like It! haha!
This is a great way to build up your LIGHT quotient and frequency into that of pure LOVE as what you put out into the field is reflected back to you for your experience… There are many ways of holding this LIGHT and Frequency but this is what I did and in a very fun way…


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