David Wilcock – Update – Disclosure Now: NEW 3-HR Russian Documentary Blasts Financial Tyranny! – 31 January 2013

demonocracy-gold-all_gold_in_the_world-reserves-cube( Lucas : as always use your own discernment !!)

On January 30, 2013, top Russian network REN-TV aired “Shadow Gold”–ANOTHER three-hour documentary blasting Financial Tyranny. See it here NOW, before it is officially translated!

India is also picking up the Financial Tyranny investigation as well. The alliance is finally revealing itself — and demanding justice.


The graphic you just saw at the top of this article is what all the official, on-the-books gold in the world looks like — if you formed it into a single cube.

This was produced by Oto Godfrey as part of his ongoing efforts to illustrate Financial Tyranny with visual metaphors.

Once you see it as a cube, whose edges fit comfortably into an Olympic-sized swimming pool, it’s easy to have a new perspective.


Is this really all the gold that has ever been pulled out of the Earth — worldwide — in all of recorded human history?

Apparently not. The real amount is about 14 and a half of these cubes.

The total volume — now being hidden away by the international version of the Federal Reserve, called the BIS — is 2,420,937.4 metric tons.

That’s two million, 420 thousand, 937.4 tons of gold.

This is, quite literally, considered the greatest secret of modern history.

Not anymore. [Scroll down to the bottom for the embedded video.]


World Wars I and II were fake.

Both sides were secretly being run by the same people — with the same goal.

Over 100 million people died — for a completely different reason than they thought.

Both sides fighting these wars — Axis and Allies — were owned and controlled by the same international bankers.

That is the great, ugly truth we must face if we want to heal this planet.

These world wars were used to plunder central banks and private holdings of their gold — worldwide — and turn them over to the Federal Reserve.
The mass seizures of gold occurred before, during and after World War I as well.

Look… I know how horrible this is. It’s almost beyond imagination.

About one percent of our audience — some of whom may be paid to do this — attack us with astonishing passion, fury and violence online.

Laughter and sarcasm is not going to help us get through this.

Some may decide to do this in order to avoid facing a very uncomfortable truth.

Others hyper-scrutinize the data, desperately seeking to find one incorrect point — hoping to then discredit the entire investigation.

In so doing, they feel like they have vanquished the demon of Truth — and can continue to stay in the “real world” a little longer.

Nonetheless, once this truth is exposed and healed, on a worldwide level, the resulting benefits will be absolutely spectacular.

Now there are six hours of prime-time documentaries — on one of the top Russian television networks — directly supporting our investigation.

REN-TV admitted to me that Financial Tyranny was “utterly groundbreaking” — and was the main text they used to fuel both documentaries.


Here is a link to a Yale University Press article on the Bolshevik gold seizures — the top item in a current Google search for “bolshevik gold 1917.”

The entire Bolshevik Revolution, which formed the Soviet Union from 1917-1922, was not-so-secretly financed by the Federal Reserve bankers.

The political cartoon you see below was drawn by Robert Minor, in the St. Louis Dispatch, in 1911 — and is featured on page 211 of “The Creature from Jekyll Island.”

If you don’t believe me, type in “bolshevik revolution federal reserve” into any Internet search engine — and start reading.


On April 5, 1933, Executive Order 6102 was used to make it illegal to own gold in the United States.

Violations for “gold hoarding” were punishable by up to a 10,000-dollar fine, ten years in prison, or both.

This letter was ordered to be “posted in a conspicuous place” by the US Postmaster General — during the worst part of the Great Depression.

Everyone had less than a month to comply.

Their gold was purchased at 20 dollars an ounce — and then quickly revalued up to 35 dollars an ounce after it was over.


The Federal Reserve — through such entities as Royal Dutch Shell, now the Shell oil company — built up and financed Hitler’s rise to power, beginning in the 1930s.

The Nazis did a wonderful job of plundering the central banks in every country they invaded — and stashing away the gold for their paymasters.

Here is a Dutch political cartoon blowing the whistle on this sinister story. Deterding, a Royal Dutch Shell executive, is shown supporting Hitler. 


In 1939, the Soviet Union under Stalin signed a pact with the Nazis, under Hitler.

This was a key part of the Federal Reserve plan — to unite the opposition and create the grounds for a true world war.

Little did anyone know that the same people who financed Stalin and Hitler were controlling the United States’ financial system.

All of this was part of a plan for future world control — after a third and final world war to tie up all the loose ends. 


The Federal Reserve financed and backed the Soviet Union. They financed and backed Nazi Germany.

They also financed and backed Japan in the Meiji Restoration.

“Meiji” means “Illuminated Ones” — i.e. the Illuminati.

They seized control of the financial system of the United States in 1913 — and used its vast resources and military might as a staging area for their plans.


These same bankers may have killed Lincoln for trying to defeat them — by printing “greenbacks” during the Civil War, beginning in 1863.

 These “greenbacks” were issued by the US Treasury.

They were backed by the equity of the United States government, but not by precious metals — and could not be taxed by foreign bankers.

That made them very, very angry. They had ordered Lincoln to pay between 24 to 36 percent tax on all the money he needed to finance the Civil War.


This next political cartoon was a political attack piece from the bankers that became the Federal Reserve — against Lincoln’s efforts to save the US economy.

It was most likely drawn by John Cameron, in 1864.

Lincoln is pictured sitting back in his chair, laughing and saying “All this reminds me of a most capital joke.”


2,420,937.4 metric tons of gold was seized, between 1895 and 1945, in the hopes of creating a New World Order — as Financial Tyranny revealed.

85 percent of this gold was originally mined and hidden away in Asia.

Its existence, and whereabouts, was kept highly secret. No one wanted their gold to be stolen!

Nonetheless, these holdings were systematically wiped out — beginning in 1895, when the Japanese invaded and plundered Korea.

Korea, once a highly wealthy nation, has now been reduced to cannibalism in the North.  


Fourteen and a half cubes of gold. 2.4 million metric tons. The greatest secret of modern history. How is this possible — and who cares?

It does sound like the plot of an epic “conspiracy thriller” movie — far too outlandish to be true — but the evidence is overwhelming.

The gold was seized as part of a worldwide plan for domination and control that goes back to at least the late 1700s, if not earlier.

By stealing everyone’s gold, no one could compete with the worldwide “magic printing press” — creating money out of thin air.

Those in power could determine who lives and who dies — who eats and who starves — by controlling the flow of currency.


The countries who secretly handed over their gold — or had it stolen from them — knew that it had ended up with the Federal Reserve.

They were given Federal Reserve bonds — in astronomical dollar values — as collateral for their “deposits” into the Bank for International Settlements, or BIS.

These “Global Collateral Accounts” were then used to create incredible amounts of money for the insiders and their cronies.

Many of the rightful heirs to this fortune were never given a red cent. Not one dollar of the Collateral Accounts was shared outside the Federal Reseve clique.

This was considered the most highly classified and dangerous secret of them all — much more than the UFO cover-up.

Over the years I’ve now had six different groups or entities attempt to bribe me — with spectacular amounts of money — to secure my allegiance and cooperation.
The reason why I knew about the Global Collateral Accounts when the Dragon Family lawsuit came out is that I was personally invited to profit from them.
An ex-CIA operative told me “Nothing is more valuable to the insider community than the ability to influence millions of people. Never forget that, David.”
In each of these cases, my money would be generated through a very highly secretive system — all tied in with the Federal Reserve.
I would act as a broker, facilitating transactions between the world’s central banks — called “trades.”
I would have to cough up some money up front, but in some cases not more than about 13,000 dollars.
Making a personal, trackable payment of private money is part of the deal — and must be included.
This is the “blood sacrifice” that seals the deal on the occult level — and provides a paper trail they can use to destroy you.
13K buys you an “aged shelf corporation”.
You then “monetize the debt” of the corporation and open a 100K line of credit against it — with a Fed bank.
The 100K is then used as collateral to get you a one-million-dollar line of credit — with a different Federal Reserve bank.
The 1M is then packaged with money from others — and put in “trade”.
You now have a bank account that privately holds money on behalf of the world’s central banks.
After the Bretton Woods treaty of 1945 — which Nazi Germany was also involved in — it was ruled that central banks could not hold their own assets.
They cannot do business with each other directly. They need “brokers,” like you, to facilitate the buying and selling of bonds, currency and other assets.
This system has been kept very secret — in order to support the health and safety of the “brokers.”
Once you’re in the system, the profits quickly pay off the credit lines you originally took out.
Now you’re making up to 20 percent compound interest per week — on a million dollars.
I knew this was the ultimate “deal with the devil” — and rejected each of these offers.
The Global Collateral Accounts have been used to finance all kinds of things.
The profits were originally intended to rebuild Europe after World War II. At least that’s how it was sold to the ethical leaders of the world.
Now the Accounts have paid for propaganda campaigns, political assassinations, gun running, drug running, underground bases, top-secret space programs, you name it.
Much of the stolen gold belongs to the Dragon Family — an ancient Asian group that has kept quiet for their own safety.
The Dragon Family gave Neil Keenan 134.5 billion dollars in Federal Reserve bonds — now worth a trillion dollars in modern values — in the hopes of exposing the truth.
I wrote a post on Benjamin Fulford’s blog criticizing the lawsuit — and the alliance behind it contacted me to correct my mistakes.
As of December 1st, 2011, I began receiving a massive amount of photographs and documents from the Dragon Family alliance by email.
Twelve days afterwards, I published my first epic investigation into this subject: CONFIRMED: The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny.
Just two days later — on Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 — I received a death threat from a very high-level source… but I continued the investigation.
Kerry Cassidy brought me on the radio less than an hour after I received the death threat. I was highly emotional and terrified — but I did not stop.
In fact, this death threat caused me to expand “Part Two” of the original investigation into a full-length book.
I felt like if the Federal Reserve was going to take me down, I would “go out in a blaze of glory” — as the old saying goes.
Two weeks later, on December 31, 2011, David Hutzler sent me critical information from the alliance — directing me to a treasure-trove of hidden data on the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence website.
Then, a week later, on January 6, 2012, David Hutzler and his son Mackie each suffered multiple gunshot wounds in their home — which then burned down.
Marshall, Edward. Police: Fire victims had been shot. Journal-News.net, West Virginia, February 7, 2012. http://www.journal-news.net/page/content.detail/id/574757/Police–Fire-victims-had-been-shot.html?nav=5006
Off the record, I heard that Mackie was found to have three bullet wounds, and David had seven.
Despite this very blatant double murder, I released the finished product of Financial Tyranny a week after their deaths — on January 13, 2012.
Wilcock, David. Financial Tyranny: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time. Divine Cosmos, January 13, 2012. http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1023-financial-tyranny
I did this to help out an international alliance — now over 150 countries — that wants to see the truth exposed, and justice served.
On April 8, 2012, Easter Sunday, a friend of mine died a tragic, violent death — literally right around the corner from my house.
This friend had been involved in one of the offers I had to join the Collateral Accounts.
He overheard someone mention my name at a party of influential people in Los Angeles — and in turn got me the invitation.
Wilcock, David. Major Event: Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks. Divine Cosmos, April 13, 2012. http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1047-liens
There was no way to prove that his death was anything other than a tragic accident, but it was still extremely sad.
The police could not immediately identify his body, even though he had a drivers’ license in his wallet.
This very bizarre and terrifying event happened just five days before I posted liens against all twelve Federal Reserve banks on my website. 
Even after his sudden death, I went ahead and posted the liens anyway. I felt that the value of doing this was greater than the potential risk.
Then, on Friday, June 22nd, 2012, one of my top insiders, with access to highly classified information, was nearly poisoned to death by a strange bio-weapon.
Wilcock, David. The “Green Light”—Wouldn’t It Be Nice? Divine Cosmos, June 29, 2012. http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1062-green-light

This insider had passed along a great deal of actionable information about the Collateral Accounts.

He was also a firsthand witness to several of the bunkers that stored the gold — in staggering amounts.


After about two more months, I was weary of this fight — and the lack of any immediate results.

The international alliance had promised more aggressive actions to end Financial Tyranny than what we actually saw.

I could risk my own life — and directly or indirectly risk the lives of others — but I had no control over what the alliance did, nor when.

We needed action, not talk. If they refused to act, then I was not going to publicize their efforts any further.

I took a big break from pursuing this investigation — thanks in part to some dreams I had, telling me to relax and get grounded.

I headed off to Canada, beginning in early September, and had a major relaxing trip — where I tried to heal from the stress of all this work.


I didn’t write anything more about this subject until December 16, 2012 — after REN-TV contacted me to do their first documentary.
This was an astonishing surprise. A three hour, prime-time documentary — on one of the top Russian networks.
I’ve been deeply involved in trying to get a television show put together for my book The Source Field Investigations.
I have seen firsthand how tightly controlled the TV and film industries are — at least in America.
I honestly never expected — not in a million years — that any TV documentaries would be made about this.
At least not until after the arrests.
REN-TV had told me the show was going to air on December 16th.
Apparently, my videotaped testimony added so much that they pushed the release date ahead by another month.

Almost exactly one year later, on January 16, 2013, REN-TV released “A Million for a Marriage” — their three-hour documentary based on Financial Tyranny. 

Given how much I have explored and unearthed the real, hidden truth of world economics, I am credited as an “economist” in the show.


Now, as of today — January 30, 2013 — another, even more powerful and focused three-hour documentary has been released by REN-TV on this subject.

I have known about this for weeks. They asked me not to publicize it until it came out — for security purposes.

The second taping featured over 30 questions — which were much more detailed than the first round. I am told I am featured in all three sections.

This is part of an ongoing TV series called “We Never Dreamed”. This three-hour expose’ is called “Shadow Gold.” 

This show has just been seen by as many as 138 million people in Russia — based on the potential size of the REN-TV prime-time audience.

Here is the original Russian TV listing: http://tv.yandex.ru/213/program/334700/event/29080977


We are actively working on getting BOTH documentaries translated and subtitled in English — ASAP.

Right for now, this is only available in Russian — but here it is, for your viewing pleasure.

You can get a decent idea of what they are talking about just from the fast-moving imagery.

My parts are in audible English under the voiceover — and you can scrub through the timeline and see where they appear.


Literally on the same day that this Russian documentary came out, a major Indian news website called First Post promoted our investigation as well.



Now — at last — I feel that the risks I took with my own life, the failed assassinations, and the deaths of my friends and colleagues have not been in vain.

The information has been released. A full-length book, six hours of documentaries and other news spots have now emerged.

Once the truth is set free, it can never be stopped.

The sooner we inform others — and are brave enough to stand up and spread the word — the sooner this planet will heal.

This is only the beginning.

The first few rocks of the avalanche are falling around the Federal Reserve and their shadowy controllers.

Do you hear that sound?

It is the sound of freedom.

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