Laura Bushnell – Find Your Inner Light – 31 January 2013

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When the day is foggy, bring in more sunshine! Some days we wake up and we do not feel our light. It may be because the day is in fact cloudy, or maybe we are not taking the time to receive our own inner light.

Who taught you to find your inner light when you wake up in the morning? I found the secret when I was in my twenties. To this day, I continue to seek it and expose it and enjoy it as often as possible. Remember that many of the people around you do not know how to receive their own light. They are like little children, so it is up to those of us who know to demonstrate what we know. We demonstate by living a life of love in the world. Stop talking and commit to living it. To live it, we must remember every single day who we are. We must remember it in the most basic way. One way is to acknowledge yourself at the beginning and end of each day with a meditation.

Living Celebration:                                                                                                            When traveling in Australia years ago, I met a glorious woman named Gail Rich who gave me this wonderful meditation. I share it today in honor of her divine spirit that remains with me always. Latin is a “mother tongue” and the soul really likes it!

Claria Vitalia Crystallia                                                                                   Repeat this mantra seven times once in the morning and again in the evening.

Claria Vitalia Crystallia

I am clear, I am vital, I am strong

I am beautiful 

Every day, in every way I get better and better

Every day, in every way

I am at peace with myself and the world that surrounds me

I am in tune with the universe and the infinite

I am light

I am love

God Bless You,                    Laura                                                                                        / link to original article


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