Lisa Gawlas – The Magnetic Pull Of Life Needs YOUR Full Alignment And COMMITMENT!! – 31 January 2013

magnetic-energyThe one thing I am really starting to understand as the field of readings progress out of the stormy weather to revelations within each person, that what we needed, energetically is, and has, already been in place.  It is the realization that we have already been provided with “that” that sets the energy field alive.  And the field of life, now fully able to participate in creation like never before, is really flexing its creative muscles!

Ohhh and before I get to sharing the understandings from the readings and my ongoing Odyssey within my bathtub, let me share an amazing insight that came thru the field yesterday in relationship to the appearance of so many animal totems/helpers.  The field had said that animal (fish, bugs whatever) helpers appear to a person when they need to tie the energy of their spiritual world to the created reality they are living.  Our animal helpers know the matrix of created life and how to string what is need within that person to the heart desire of the person’s life field.  Point being, you already have what you are looking for… now learn how to use it in your created reality!!

So my lovely horse lady that I have been reading for, for close to a year, if not longer… showed up in the most amazing detail the other day.  The first thing I had seen was a single file line of horses all linked together by a maroon harness.  The feel and texture of the leather harnesses was amazing.   This link of horses that encircled her entire heart field at the center most point and it was as if they were glued to the outside of her crystal ball area, but my vision was held at seeing the ones that started at her South Field and lined up (single file) to her East field, then their image just softened.  I could not understand what they meant to her, they were not representing “her” horses (I have connected to her horses enough by now to know their energy signatures) but instead, they lined up around the heart aspect of her crystal ball… ready to show the way to her.

So, I could see her inside her Crystal ball, the glow of yellow (soul energy) enveloping her.  Suddenly I realized she was sitting down facing the west.  All I could think of again was, she looked like the sitting Buddha (of course, I don’t think I ever seen an image of him not sitting) and out of my mouth flew the words ‘what the hell are you doing sitting down.”  Sometimes, I even shock myself! lol

My vision then was trained on her south field of life.  The absolute yellow glow from her garden of life not only was amazing, but matched in every vibrational detail her body glow too.  To be clear about what the South field means in a reading… think of summer, when pretty much all of life is in full bloom and the sun is at its longest and warmest (on this side of the globe anywayz, since its my vision, we go with my alignments  All that has grown and will be available to you for harvest should be clear.  (Well, for as long as we are not looking thru the lens of the ego!)

Once again, I hear the field ask, why are you sitting facing the west, get up!!  She didn’t get up so I moved over and stood her up!  Well!!  I know she is having a knee issue, part of an injury/opening created by one of her horses throwing her a few months back.  Even in this pristine setting called the field, the chakra area of her knee has leaking energy… blue and red energy.  Knee’s represent our flexibility to move forward   Its her left knee, which means her physical life path and how she is walking it.  OMG, I now completely understand why her horse, who loves her very much, bucked her off.

As she found a brace to lean on inside her crystal ball and actually LOOK at what is in her life now, there was her horse.  This was a rescue horse that she agree to foster, then teetered back and forth with actually adopting him.  She is still teetering.

Her field, her spiritual team… let out a roar from my throat that went something like “WILL YOU JUST COMMIT!!”  I had to laugh.

Think about that (speaking directly to myself) we can have something right smack dab in our face, but it looks different from our own expectations and ego desires, so we really don’t “see” what is, in fact, already there.  We just keep looking for something else, something that will please our palate constructed by ego wishes.

I watched as the connection of her in her heart center drew an energetic line to her south field, and once that was in place, it connected to her East field.  East being spring, new life, new growth, and a whole lot of pollinating energy (grin.)  I could see some sort of energetic plant starting to move into vibration in her east field made of blues, reds and pinks.

So I brought her into my kitchen and seen something I find amazing.  As long as she was sitting (no movement) looking to the West, the codes within her heart field were so far from being in alignment.  The moment she shifted to her south field, they immediately lined up, at least from her inner torus and outer torus (heart desire and created life.)  The moment she harness what she already has available to her, I know that third and important code of full activation on the magnetic grid of earth, which rumble and move everything to harness the new life already available to her.

This horse that she has been so beautifully taking care of since the summer, but yet, has not committed to adopting, thru her for a loop… to reflect the same feelings within him… her non-committing energy is throw him, and her entire energy field for a loop.  And trust me the energy of “commitment” goes a whole lot deeper than adopting a horse you are not sure you want!!  Have any accidents lately???

Let me share a (not so) funny from yesterday.  I knew what the hell happened instantly.  I was washing my food processor pieces and picked up the grater disk and was all up in my head going over the energy of yesterdays meditation with all the “but’s” I could muster.  Including… no no no… especially arguing with my team that Marc is a married man, thank you very much, I should not be invading his energy field, even if I am tricked into going there.  Instantly, my grater sliced open my left ring finger, I bled thru two band-aides !  I shut up.

We are ALL being asked… excuse me… demanded to commit.  If you have started any dance that was left dangling until now, the dance must find completion!!  Once we put an energy into motion that serves the higher good, we will be expected (can I change that into forced/tricked) to complete it.

My first lady on the field of Life yesterday… geez louise my jaw just dropped to the ground with her vivid visual.  There she was, all in her crystal ball thingie with a freakin buzz saw grinding away at her crystal ball from outside, directly aligned with her south field moving towards her west field.  What the hell is a buzz saw doing in her reading!!!  In her heart energy!!

Let me just make so very clear… sometimes we get all comfortable in our insides.  Our meditations, inner energy work, whatever… that we are busy taking in energy but not very busy applying that energy where we need to in our constructed life.  Stillness got us to here… NOW we must become a verb!!  ACTION!!  Application, period.

It is so easy to convince ourselves we don’t know what to do, but really, we know exactly what to do, but not by the minds construct, souly by the hearts construct.  And, as this precious ladies readings shows, we are all being forced out of our comfort zones and …waiting for that big ah-ha moment.

As I watched flecks of crystal energy fly all over the place from that crazy buzz saw, I really started to understand what is happening in her with relationship to what was happening to me in January.

My own series of eye pain and fluid tossing (smile) was very much like the universal buzz saw saying, ok, time to open up new codes, new experiences, lay out new energy and the more I fought doing that within, the more it freakin hurt my body.  (Just a note, long ago I had given my spiritual team the permission to do whatever they needed to do to make sure I do not miss what I need to do.  I am sure, even if from the pre-life level, we all have done that too.)

And then a HUGE understanding hit me with her.  One would think that being in your heart center is enough.  Ohhh so not even!!  We are in a whole body, whole life experience.  When we seal off the flow of energy to just our hearts, we are missing a huge aspect of this game… the BRAIN waves!  Our brain waves will only change, enhance, expand by the flow of energy from our hearts upwards, but also, outwards.  This is not just a game of energy work or meditation, it’s REAL game of LIFE, whole life.  In order to have full access to the whole of your abilities, the flow of new energy, new codes opening, must hit the brain!  Hence what happened in my meditation the day prior.  This is all getting really interesting and dare I say…. REAL!!

By hook or by crook, we are going to get our jobs done!!

Now, there was an absolutely wonderful contrast to yesterdays readings.  Where the above lady is in her heart field, but not putting that energy into her created life, I had a man show up, again, one I have been connected to for a long while… he was standing on top of his crystal ball, blinking between being in a suit (he is self-employed) and a Hawaiian tourist (smile) with his hands cupped out in front of him filled with sand.  His cupped hands was directly over the center or core of his heart energy and I watched as he let sand slip thru his hands, almost like watching an hour-glass.  As the sands left his hands it changed from sand to multicolored energy or bits of sand.

I knew this energy was not going into his crystal ball and I could not see where it was going.  Even the area of his crystal ball, which has always been clear in my view, for him, was opaque, I couldn’t see thru it.

What I found interesting was the sand in his hands never decreased at all.  Even tho the sand was flowing thru the bottom of his cupped hands, it never became less or empty at all.  All I could think of was the sands of an hour-glass, all the time in his hands being scattered to the winds…but, like YOU always do, there was more to his image than I realized while I was doing his reading.  Someone on facebook asked a question that prompted my memory back to my sharing about “Grains of Sand”  OMG I understood his reading sooo much more then.

Our magnetic field of energy, of attraction, of manifestation happens ONLY from the inside out.  It is going to become more and more difficult to attract to you what your heart so desires while you are on the outside of your life looking in.  Actually, we will break more connection potentials this way because we are now working against the flow of energy.

We have seeded our soul family thru the annals of time and space.  In order to magnetize the energy of connection, you must act like a magnet!!  Think of it this way:

Unlike poles attract.  That would be your heart center and your created life aspect.  When you are in your heart center, you are attracting to you all that is aligned with your frequency via the magnetic field of created life.

Same poles repel.  So if you are in your created aspect of life trying to attract your created life desire to you, it has the opposite effect, the energy must stay away!

If we can look at the picture below of magnetic energy and think double torus of the body.  The magnet on the left would represent inner and outer torus fields.  The one on the right, actually takes in both readings yesterday.  If you are only in your heart and not sending the energy out to the opposite field (created life) nothing more can happen.  If you’re in your created life hoping to create life, nothing more can happen.


Some laws can never be broken.  Ahhh duality at its finest!!  (smile)

Speaking of magnets!  I was so surprised and so utterly grateful to be able to do all the readings on my agenda considering the massive energy grip I woke up and remained in.  To sit in my day… disorienting like nothing ever before.  I am not even sure how to explain the feeling.  As close as I can get is, nothing is real.  My walls, my computer, my entire orientation of my life is not real, and yet, I couldn’t tell you what was real.  But the readings, the connections of Soul Light… they are real.  Very very real.  I was so much more comfortable and fluid in the readings than when I was outside of the readings.

After my last reading of the day, I really felt lost.  Again, it such a hard thing to put into words, but like my whole energy field, including my body, was in a dimension that was not my home!  So I took a bath!

Instantly I was back in the timeline of 2002, but even that changed.  The “things” that made up my efficiency hotel room, blurred out of recognition, and now things looked, I don’t know… thready.  Woven patterns everywhere, but not lit up in light.  But I was right back to where we left off the day before.  I could see Marc (god bless him) laying on what was the bed, but now the bed is more like a huge smudge mark.  Even his body was now… different, human and not human at the same time, as was mine too I suppose.  The energy seemed to pick up from where we left off, position wise, yesterday.  Keeping in mind, this was not sexual really.  Energetically it could lead one to feel it was, but it wasn’t.

I was sitting on his stretched out body right as his root chakra area (smile)… this is where we started and ended the day prior.  As if on cue, his hands and my hands met each other at our left and right sides while not moving from that position.  The moment our palms met each others a vibrant field of energy started to emerge.  It was the most amazing green, the light permeating the green was so incredibly in both visual and feeling I didn’t want to take my eyes off of it.  Geometric patterns were emerging like a spider web that completely encircled our bodies from bottom of the torso to the neck area.  As this sphere of webbing completed itself (well, not sure it was completed, but it stopped adding to itself eventually) I could see golden codes of energy at various places on this Light oozing green field completely engulfing our bodies.  They radiated like diamonds hit by the sun..

Part of me is in awe of this experience, another part wondering (obviously rather loudly) should I even being doing this at all.  I know how energy works and flows and stuff…  I have no desire to interfere in someone else’s energetic matrix, at least, not without their permission and knowledge.

And my team took me on a surprising journey of understanding.  First, they assured me ALL are willing participants in what is happening, the energy flow could not open if it was not.  You (humans) cannot force a thing.  If one aspect is out of alignment  the whole thing is out of alignment and cannot ignite itself into created reality.  …alrighty then.

We also perceive time inaccurately (because we perceive it with our linear based ego.)   It is not a straight line at all… but a spiral.  There are sooo many spirals…  each spiral connected to a magnetic frequency that allows one to travel thru the spiral.  That spiral or wormhole will only present itself when the whole construct is ready for the addition of energetic matrix.

So, from what I am understanding at this moment… the day Marc landed in the chat room I was in, was the day our codes of Light started to vibrate.  My integration of the Kundalini… who knows what… experience shortly there after, created a magnetic field of energy that will never be undone.  Meeting in the physical a year later was like placing a magnetic pole in the field of space and time to return to when we each had enough experiences and wisdom to return to continue the magnetic field of work (I really don’t even know what the heck that means.)

Even if, back in the timeline of 2002, had we taken ourselves beyond hugging…a freakin lot, nothing more could have happened beyond having great sex (grin) because the WHOLE was not ready.  Various other magnetic markers were put in place thru the spiral.  When we (or at least I) hit that magnetic frequency, he always showed up in my meditations and seeped (energetically) into my created reality and dreams… OMG the dreams.  The last intense time was in 2010, and the dreams were so vivid and so telling of what was happening his life at that time… and thru it all he always came to me (I would never ever breach my agreement of removing myself from his energy field.  But if you show up in my world… well… the heart is much stronger than the ego!!)

And again, now, the dreams are back.  But the infiltration of every aspect of my whole world (meditation and my regular day-to-day life and connections) everywhere and stronger and more real than ever before.

The magnetic field of attraction… Holy freakin ba-jesus!!

What was planted in 2002 is now ready for harvest in 2013.  I AM commited!!  I know this has nothing to do with two people pretending to be human (ohhh I so hear Kryon in my ears) but a frequency we agreed to ignite… together.

How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go??  I am in so deep there is no returning!!

I love y’all sooooo much!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with worm holes and intense vibrations to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Due to technical difficulties, we could not hold the Soul Gym last evening, so we are doing it today.  Join us for Part 2 of Taming the Wild Ego at 4:30 pm MST. You may want to refresh your browser before joining in the chatroom, I had to embed brand new HTML code to get it working again.

Also, Valentines Day Special still underway.  I have about a half a cup of Lava Ash left. / link to original article

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