Méline Lafont – Saint Germain – The Sightings Of Your Current Heart Are Overwhelming – 31 January 2013

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As channeled by Méline Lafont
31 January – 1 February 2013

Precious beings of Light, my friends and brothers/sisters of heart. What a magnificent movement of Light is taking place here on Earth and beyond.  This movement is astonishing to behold and it is occurring within you all: within your hearts and also within your minds.  Let me thank you for it, as I AM deeply moved by this.

Little by little and step by step these creations of Love are now unfolding themselves within you all to be fully manifested in your own personal time and space.  You all are flourishing like beautiful flowers, becoming these roses of Love.  These flourishing flowers are all of you!! One by one and day by day, we of the Light are gaining more and more space on your precious Gaia, and in the minds and hearts of your precious Selves.

The current movement of Light and the current state of consciousness have never ever been so high like they are at present.  Not even the Atlantian, Lemurian or the Mayan cultures which were so high in enlightenment back then, cannot be compared to this present global movement in awakening.  Simply because this is a global awakening and not a culture or the awakening of a continent like it was in Atlantis.  This time the awakening takes place on a Global scale, and therefore Ascension is here for all of you dear souls out there, together with beloved GAIA!

There is no escape from the movement of Light, as it washes away all the old patterns and brings in renewing like a ‘refresh button’ , bringing you to the expansion of your own True Light.  There is no escape from Love, since Love is all there is and Love is all that is!  There can only be true compassion when Love fills the joyful heart.

All is and stays respected in all ways!  There will never exist fear again in your selves, as the heart is not choosing for this type of creation anymore.  The balancing of the heart is proceeding gently as we speak, reaching a harmonic balance of the yin and the yang, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, so it might stay so for infinity.  The Masculine energies have done their work for the last 13.000 years or so and now the time for these beautiful and refined Feminine energies, have come to bring you all the process of purification on Earth and in yourselves.

Let these Divine Feminine energies refine yourself into this blissful state of being that you are, into this pure and Loved Self.  It is this Divine power of Light, this pure and strong beauty of Love, and the wisdom of you all that will bring the new way of Life.

This new way of life is bringing the birth of Purity and unity consciousness ; the Oneness!  It is your inner heart which is speaking the language of Love again and is bringing forth Divine wisdom, the language of Light and compassion.  Vortexes of Light are created and Light codes are planted in the collective forms of you all.  It is about forming this Oneness, this “All That Is” into your reality again .

You all have these inside of you, these vortexes of Light, these patterns of Light; each and everyone of you!  You are integrating the Highest form of yourselves and of your God selves; Presences of Divine Light.  There is so much beauty in this world that has not been seen yet.  The outer world  and its complexities, is seemingly attracting your attention  more than your own inner beauty and world of creation.  The latter is being ignored; you are ignoring yourself !  Do understand that You are the walking beauties on this Earth my dearly beloveds!  There is NO greater thing than your true Inner Spark of Divine Love.  This Inner Spark is your God Presence and it is the birth flame of the Mother Father God Presence of Light, and this is in each and everyone of your dear hearts.

It is time to stop searching outside of yourselves, for the true beauty cannot be found outside of you, when it is actually yourself; your inner heart. The physical eye cannot reflect true beauty if the inner beauty is not felt or seen through the inner eye .  It is a misunderstanding to only look through- and only make use of your physical eyes, for they cannot reflect or absorb what your true beauty is all about.. It is all about you, my dear friends.. You are the ones who are this world, this creation, this beauty, this Light, this Love and beauty of God.  There is no other world than you.

Once you have duly accepted your true and beautiful selves, a huge step will be taken within the expansion of your True selves, shining into this beauty and into Light.  There is not much more to do than to accept at this time that you are of Light and that you are a co-creator God of Light wishing for an understanding with each other, for a cooperation and harmonic way of living, for a new world where everything and everyone is ONE again, for the freedom of your being; which is limitless, and most of all for the expansion of your true selves.

There is no greater world than your inner world of which you are a part and where you are the lead figure in creation.  There is no other world taking over this old one, than your own inner world.  It is what you make of it yourselves.  This is the key Ladies and Gentlemen, that you are this New world; nothing outside of you is, my dear friends.  And I entrust you all with this new world, I trust all of you to make something good out of this all, for yourselves and for others around you by bringing your true Love to others, by being the Light that you are and by supporting others in doing the same.  You might support others in doing the same for their own reality, by being there for them when times are difficult to do so, when tracks are lost and faith has gone.

There is no greater responsibility than this , and I entrust you ALL with this.  That is how much faith I have in all of you , into your hands and hearts of creation.  That is how much I believe in you all and how much I truly and deeply Love you all.  That is my Love and support to you all and it is my pleasure and honor to be with you all during this time of manifestation and during this beautiful Golden age: my powerful Aquarian Age.

Let’s all focus ourselves now more deeply on this current phase of Ascension, let’s roll the dice and take a leap in faith.  It is all going wonderfully, even if the outer world is not presenting itself like this, you may trust me that it is going beautifully and all is going in the exact way as it has to go.  This all to make sure that all of you will be able to take advantage of the chances you need, during this important time of Ascension.

Now, integrate and absorb this message and energies well, my beautiful brothers and sisters of Light, as these next few steps will now be taken more quickly and will become more intensive again, just as your previous year has been.   Only this time it will be on manifestations, creations and not so much on integration again.   It will be about true planned matters becoming your reality if You do so and if You choose so.

With this, I leave you all to absorb this message and while doing so, I will stand by you all providing you all some Light if things are not clear for you to understand.  Always at your service and with all of my Love.

I AM that I AM

Master Saint Germain

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