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John Ward – Iranian Enrichment : Diplomatic Community Dithers As Teheran Presses Forward With The Enrichment Of Fissile Material – 31 January 2013

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Iranian officials informed the Vienna-based nuclear watchdog today that they plan to mount as many as 3,132 new-generation IR-2m centrifuges in their development of uranium enrichment. Tehran issued a confidential note to the International Atomic Energy Association’s 35-nation board saying that ‘domestically developed’ centrifuges would be used in the next stage of research. The only logical rationale for so doing would be the production of weapons-grade uranium. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Light And Joy – 31 January 2013

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The light is now glowing about us everywhere we go, many are awake despite the fact it feels like they aren’t. We are so powerful now and it is time we wake up to that fact, accept it and begin to use our power to make change. Forever we have been kept from the knowledge that we are powerful beings and our minds are powerful creators. We are now learning these truths and in doing so it is up to us to bring our power to the light and use it!We have spent enough time preparing for this journey, now it is time to realize we made it, we are there and we are now living in a new world. The old ways are over as long as we allow them to go and move forward into this new dimension of being. We are free, we always have been, we just didn’t realize it yet. Now we know so now is the time for us to activate and become the beings we were meant to be! Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Magnetic Pull Of Life Needs YOUR Full Alignment And COMMITMENT!! – 31 January 2013

magnetic-energyThe one thing I am really starting to understand as the field of readings progress out of the stormy weather to revelations within each person, that what we needed, energetically is, and has, already been in place.  It is the realization that we have already been provided with “that” that sets the energy field alive.  And the field of life, now fully able to participate in creation like never before, is really flexing its creative muscles! Continue reading

N atural Law 1 – 31 January 2013

Uploaded on 29 January 2013 by hollywood6641 choose love and not fear, and this is N at your al(l) Law Folks. much piece, love and re: spect out to all. always. cheers!

Giant Magnetized Outflows Observed Emanating From The Galactic Core – 31 January 2013

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3 Minutes News – Planets Affect The Sun – 31 January 2013

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Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Excitement Is Growing – 31 January 2013

JamyePriceYour creative power is your birthright, as is your free choice.  Yet it takes wisdom to understand how to use it.  You are an individual within a collective.  Therefore, your free choice is subject to the collective, but that is only a limitation as you resist the flow of Life.  Your moment now is a creative result of moments past.  Your future is the creative result of current moments.  You mark time by manifestation, for it is a subtle experience that offers perspective and focus.  As you perceive your Now with the mastery of one that Knows All is Well as you choose the future into form, you are Following Your Heart to the Golden Age of Love.  You create that, Masterful One.  Does that excite you? Continue reading